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Identity Manager 9.2 - Administration Guide for SAP R/3 Analysis Authorizations Add-on

General main data of a BI user account

Table 4: Configuration parameters for risk assessment of BI user accounts
Configuration parameter Effect when set
QER | CalculateRiskIndex Preprocessor relevant configuration parameter controlling system components for calculating the risk index. Changes to the parameter require recompiling the database.

If the parameter is enabled, values for the risk index can be entered and calculated.

You can view the following data for BI user accounts.

Table 5: BI user account main data
Property Description
User account BI user account identifier.

All SAP user accounts with the same identifier automatically obtain the BI analysis authorizations assigned to this BI user account if they belong to a client in this system.

system Unique system ID.
Canonical name The BI user account's canonical name. The canonical name is mapped through the SAP connector.
Distinguished name Distinguished name of the BI account. The distinguished name is found using a template.

Risk index (calculated)

Maximum risk index value of all assigned BI analysis authorizations. The property is only visible if the QER | CalculateRiskIndex configuration parameter is set. For more information, see the One Identity Manager Risk Assessment Administration Guide.

User Account exists Specifies whether an SAP user account with the name of this BI user account exists in at least one client of the given system (SAPUserAccnt equals SAPBWUser.Accnt).

Additional tasks for BI user accounts

After you have entered the main data, you can run the following tasks.

Overview of the BI user account

You can view the most important information about a BI user account on the overview form. You see which SAP user accounts and identities can access to the assigned BI analysis authorizations.

To obtain an overview of an BI user account

  1. Select the SAP R/3 > BI user accounts category.
  2. Select the BI user account in the result list.
  3. Select the SAP BI user account overview task.

Assigning BI analysis authorizations directly to a BI user account

BI analysis authorizations can be assigned directly or indirectly to a user account. Indirect assignment is carried out by allocating the identity and BI analysis authorizations in hierarchical roles, like departments, cost centers, locations, or business roles.

To react quickly to special requests, you can assign BI analysis authorizations directly to the BI user account. You can only assign BI analysis authorizations that belong to the same system as the selected BI user account. You cannot directly assign BI analysis authorizations that have the Only use in IT Shop option set.

To assign BI analysis authorizations directly to BI user accounts

  1. Select the SAP R/3 > BI user accounts category.
  2. Select the BI user account in the result list.
  3. Select the Assign BI analysis authorizations task.
  4. In the Add assignments pane, assign BI analysis authorizations.

    - OR -

    In the Remove assignments pane, remove BI analysis authorizations.

  5. Save the changes.
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