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Identity Manager 9.2 - Attestation Administration Guide

Attestation and recertification
One Identity Manager users for attestation Attestation base data Attestation types Attestation procedure Attestation schedules Compliance frameworks Chief approval team Attestation policy owners Standard reasons for attestation Attestation policies Sample attestation Grouping attestation policies Custom mail templates for notifications Suspending attestation Automatic attestation of policy violations
Approval processes for attestation cases
Approval policies for attestations Approval workflow for attestations Selecting attestors Setting up multi-factor authentication for attestation Prevent attestation by identity awaiting attestation Automatic acceptance of attestation approvals Phases of attestation Attestation by peer group analysis Approval recommendations for attestations Managing attestation cases
Attestation sequence Default attestations Mitigating controls Setting up attestation in a separate database Configuration parameters for attestation

Deleting policy collections

When a policy collection is deleted, the calculation schedule from the policy collection is added to all attestation policies that have this policy collection assigned to them. This means that attestations for these policies will continue to be started at the usual rate.

To delete a policy collection

  1. In the Manager, select the Attestation > Policy collections category.

  2. In the result list, select the policy collection and click .

  3. Confirm the security prompt with Yes.
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Default policy collections

One Identity Manager provides a default policy collection and default attestation policies for regular attestation of identities with all their entitlements and memberships.

To display default policy collections

  • In the Manager, select the Attestation > Policy collections > Predefined category.

You can alter the following default policy collection properties to suit your company requirements.

  • Calculation schedule

  • Disabled

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Custom mail templates for notifications

For more information about creating and editing mail template, see the One Identity Manager Operational Guide.

A mail template consists of general main data such as target format, importance, or mail notification confidentiality, and one or more mail definitions. Mail text is defined in several languages in the mail template. This ensures that the language of the recipient is taken into account when the email is generated.

Creating and editing attestation mail templates

To create and edit mail templates

  1. In the Manager, select the Attestation > Basic configuration data > Mail templates category.

    This shows all the mail templates that can be used for attestation cases in the result list.

  1. Select a mail template in the result list and run the Change main data task.

    - OR -

    Click in the result list.

    This opens the mail template editor.

  2. Edit the mail template.

  3. Save the changes.
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