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Identity Manager 9.2 - Attestation Administration Guide

Attestation and recertification
One Identity Manager users for attestation Attestation base data Attestation types Attestation procedure Attestation schedules Compliance frameworks Chief approval team Attestation policy owners Standard reasons for attestation Attestation policies Sample attestation Grouping attestation policies Custom mail templates for notifications Suspending attestation Automatic attestation of policy violations
Approval processes for attestation cases
Approval policies for attestations Approval workflow for attestations Selecting attestors Setting up multi-factor authentication for attestation Prevent attestation by identity awaiting attestation Automatic acceptance of attestation approvals Phases of attestation Attestation by peer group analysis Approval recommendations for attestations Managing attestation cases
Attestation sequence Default attestations Mitigating controls Setting up attestation in a separate database Configuration parameters for attestation

Approval processes for attestation cases

All attestation cases are subject to a defined approval process. During this approval process, authorized identities grant or deny approval for attestation objects. You can configure this approval process in various ways, and therefore customize it to meet your company policies.

You define approval policies and approval workflows for approval processes. Specify the approval workflows to apply to the attestation cases in the approval policies. Use approval workflows to find out, which identities in which order, can grant or deny attestation. An approval workflow can contain several approval levels and several approval steps. A special approval procedure is used to determine the attestors in each approval step.

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Approval policies for attestations

One Identity Manager uses approval policies to determine the attestor for each attestation case.

To edit an approval policy

  1. In the Manager, select the Attestation > Basic configuration data > Approval policies category.

  2. Select an approval policy in the result list and run the Change main data task.

    - OR -

    Click in the result list.

  3. Edit the approval policy main data.

  4. Save the changes.

General main data of approval policies

Enter the following main data of an approval policy. If you add a new approval step, you must fill out the compulsory fields.

Table 20: General main data of approval policies



Approval policies

Approval step name.

Approval workflow

Workflow for finding attestors.

Select any approval workflow from the menu or click to set up a new approval workflow.

Mail templates

Mail template used to create email notifications for granting, denying, extending, unsubscribing, or canceling an attestation or for giving notice of its expiry.


Text field for additional explanation.

Do not show

Specifies whether this approval policy is hidden in the Web Portal.

When editing attestation policies in the Web Portal, this approval policy can only be selected if the option is disabled.

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Default approval policies

One Identity Manager provides a default approval policy for default attestation of new users and recertification of all identities stored in the One Identity Manager database. Moreover, default approval policies are supplied through which different roles and system entitlements mapped in the Unified Namespace can be attested. You can use default approval policies for creating attestation policies in the Web Portal.

To edit default approval policies

  • In the Manager, select the Attestation > Basic configuration data > Approval policies > Predefined category.

For more information about using default approval policies, see the One Identity Manager Web Designer Web Portal User Guide.

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