This page is used to monitor configured agents. Each agent is listed in the table on this page and contains information related to the agent's configuration and status.


Use this field to filter the data in the table based on the criteria entered in the field.

The following information about configured agents is contained in the table on this page. Clicking an agent in the table will show additional information about the agent history (for example; Agent History, Agent Tasks, and Agent Certificate).

Table 3: Agents table



Host Name

This is the name of the host the agent is installed on.

Host Type

This is the type of host the agent is installed on.


This is the number of pending or completed tasks in the supervisor.


This is the number of history records. Every time the agent is updated a new record is created (up to 30 events are stored).

Certificate Expiry Days

Number of days until the agent's certificate expires. A negative value in this column is the number of days since the agent's certificate expired.


This is the ID of the agent seen in Safeguard for Privileged Passwords.

Agent Ip

This is the IP address of the installed agent.

Service Account

This is the name of the service account used for enrollment.

Agent Version

This is the version of the agent installed on the host.

Date Created

This is the date the agent was created.

Time Stamp

This is the last time the properties of the agent were updated (such as version, IP, host name, etc.).