You can use ticketing that is not configured with an external ticketing system to track tickets.

Tickets can be viewed in the Activity Center, Ticket # column.

Security Policy Administrators can require requesters to reference a ticket number in their password, SSH key, or session access request but not have the ticket validated against an external ticketing system but, optionally, may be validated against the regular expression of a generic ticketing system. The ticket number is used in the decision to approve the request.

Setting up ticketing

  1.  Go to Ticket Systems:
    • web client: Navigate to External Integration > Ticket Systems.
  2. Click  Add to add a ticket system.
  3. Select Other and complete this information:
  4. Click Validate to validate the Regular Expression entry.

Ticket workflow

  1. The Security Policy Administrator creates an access request policy that requires the requester to provide a ticket number when creating an access request.
  2. When the requester makes a request, they must enter a ticket number on the New Access Request dialog, Request Details tab, Ticket Number field. See:
  3. Safeguard for Privileged Passwords validates the ticket number against the regular expression. If the ticket number is an exact match to the regular expression, the workflow continues.