Many asset types support the use of a TOTP authenticator for the accounts associated with it using password requests. The following instructions explain how to add a TOTP authenticator to an existing asset.

To set up a TOTP authenticator

  1. Navigate to Asset Management > Accounts.

  2. In Accounts, select an account from the object list.
  3. Click (View Details) from the toolbar.
  4. Navigate to Properties > Secrets.
  5. On the TOTP Authenticator tile available on this page, click Set.

  6. On the Set TOTP Authenticator pane, select one of the following options:

    NOTE: Once you start the process for setting up a TOTP authenticator you will need to connect the authenticator with the account in SPP by entering the code(s) sent by the authenticator within a set time limit. It is strongly suggested you have your authenticator ready prior to beginning this process to avoid having to restart the setup process due to timing out.

    1. QR Code Image: Select this method to connect with the TOTP authenticator through the use of a QR code image file. Click Browse Your Computer to select the QR code image file or drag the QR code image file into the dashed box.

    2. URI or Secret String: Select this option to connect with the TOTP authenticator through the use of the URI string or secret generated by the authenticator. If only a secret is provided, then the process for generating the string will depend upon the authenticator itself.

      Click Submit.

  7. A Setup Confirmation Code section will appear as soon as the authenticator setup begins and you will need to start entering the provided code(s) into your authenticator (you can use the Copy button to copy the code instead of typing the value). The amount of time you have left before the code becomes invalid and a new code is displayed to the right of the Copy button.

    The number of code(s) required depends upon the requirements for the authenticator (for example, AWS requires 2 successive codes be entered, with each code being available for approximately 30 seconds. Only 5 codes will be displayed before the authenticator setup times out and you will need to restart the process.). If you are unable to successfully complete the setup, click Remove Authenticator to restart the process.

  8. Once you have successfully completed the TOTP authenticator setup, click Done.