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Password Manager 5.14 - Quick Start Guide

Active Directory Sites

By specifying Active Directory sites in the domain connection settings you select the site in which you want Password Manager to replicate changes as soon as they occur in other sites. This reduces downtime that users may experience when your environment has several Active Directory sites and changes do not get immediately replicated between the sites.

To specify Active Directory sites

  1. On the Administration Site, select the Management Policy you want to configure and click the User Scope link.

  2. On the User Scope page, select the domain connection for which you want to specify Active Directory sites and click Edit.

  3. On the User Scope Settings for #Domain# page, click Edit.

  4. On the Advanced Options tab of the Edit Domain Connection dialog, click Add under the Active Directory sites table, select required sites, and click Add. You can use the autofill option to automatically populate the table with all available sites from the current domain.

  5. Click Save and select how you want to apply the updated settings. You can either apply the new settings for this user scope only, or everywhere where this domain connection is used.

Propagating changes

After you specify the Active Directory sites in which you want to push changes, you can also select what kind of changes to propagate. The following options are available:

  • Propagate changes related to the user’s account in Active Directory.

  • Propagate changes related to the user’s Questions and Answers profile.

  • Propagate password-related changes.

Password Policies

With Password Manager, you can create custom password policies that extend the system password policy rules.

The domain must be added in order for Password Manager to read the Domain Password Policies to send email notifications to users. To create and manage password policies, you need to add a domain connection on the Password Policies tab of the Administration Site. When adding the domain connection, you specify the domain to which password policies will be applied and the credentials that will be used to access the domain.

To add domain connection

  1. On the home page of the Administration Site, click the Password Policies tab.

  2. Click Add domain connection to add a domain for which you want to create password policies.

  3. If domain connections already exist, select a domain connection from the list. If you want to create a new connection, click Add domain connection.

  4. If you selected to create the new domain connection, in the Add New Domain Connection dialog, configure the following options:

    • In the Domain name text box, type in the name of the domain that you want to add.

    • In the Domain alias text box, type the alias for the domain which will be used to address the domain on the Self-Service Site. This field is required because you can reuse the domain connection in the user scope.

    • To have Password Manager access the domain using the Password Manager Service account, click Password Manager Service account. Otherwise, click Specified user name and password, then enter the user name and password in the corresponding text boxes.

      NOTE: If you use the Password Manager Service account to access the domain, make sure it has the required permissions.

  5. Click Save.

Third-party contributions

This product contains some third-party components (listed below). Copies of their licenses may be found at referencing Source code for components marked with an asterisk (*) is available at

Table 1: List of Third-Party Contributions
Component License or Acknowledgement


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