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Password Manager 5.14 - User Guide

Helpdesk Site

Connecting to the Helpdesk Site

Perform the following steps to connect to the Helpdesk Site. After connecting, you will have access to the following tasks.

To connect to the Helpdesk Site

  1. Connect to the Helpdesk Site by entering the Helpdesk Site URL in the address bar of your web browser. By default, the URL is http://<computer-name>/PMHelpdesk/ (or http://<computer-name>/PMHelpdeskADLDS/ when using Password Manager for AD LDS), where <computer-name> is the name of the computer on which Password Manager is installed. You can get the Helpdesk Site URL from your system administrator.

  2. On the logon page, enter your user name and password and click Log on.

NOTE: If Use Secure Token Server for authentication in 2FA enforcement is on for the Helpdesk Site and a second factor authentication is set for the selected Secure Token Server provider, the helpdesk user will be prompted for a second level of authentication using the configured method.

To manage a user

  1. Connect to the Helpdesk Site by using the procedure outlined above.

  2. On the Find User Account page, type either part of user's first and/or last name, or both.

  3. Under Search Results, click the user account matching the search criteria.

  4. On the Home page, by default, you can perform the following tasks:

    NOTE: You can change the user interface language. For more information, see Changing the user interface language.



Verify identity of the user

Verifying user identity

Assign a temporary passcode to the user

Assigning temporary passcodes

Reset user's password

Resetting user passwords

Unlock user's account

Unlocking a user account

Unlock user's Q&A profile

Unlocking the Questions and Answers profile of a user

Require the user to update his Q&A profile

Enforcing the update of the user's Questions and Answers profile

Changing the managed user

You can change the currently managed user with the Change user setting of the Helpdesk Site.

To change the managed user

  1. Click the user name displayed next to the task name being performed.

  2. Click the Change user link.

  3. On the Find User Account page, type either part of user's first and/or last name, or both.

  4. Under Search Results, click the user account matching the search criteria.

Verifying user identity

Before performing any password management task, you must verify identity of the user.

To verify identity of a user

  1. Open the Home page as described in Connecting to the Helpdesk Site.

  2. On the Home page, click Verify User Identity.

  3. On the Verify User Identity page, select one of the following methods to authenticate.

    • Corporate authentication: If the administrator of your organization enabled the option to authenticate, use this setting to authenticate the users using the configured corporate authentication method.

    • Security questions: Select Security questions to authenticate and reset the password, by answering the questions configured during registration.

    • Personal contact method: Select Email and, click Get Passcode to receive passcode on your registered email address. Type the passcode in Passcode text box and click Next to authenticate and reset the password.

    NOTE: When resetting the password, you can only select from the authentication methods that were enabled by the administrator of your organization.

  4. Click Next to review the results on the status page.

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