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Password Manager 5.12 - Administration Guide (AD LDS Edition)

About Password Manager Getting Started Upgrading Password Manager Password Manager Architecture
Password Manager Components and Third-Party Solutions Typical Deployment Scenarios Password Manager in Perimeter Network Management Policy Overview Password Policy Overview reCAPTCHA Overview User Enrollment Process Overview Questions and Answers Policy Overview Data Replication Phone-Based Authentication Service Overview Configuring Management Policy
Management Policies
Checklist: Configuring Password Manager Understanding Management Policies Configuring Access to the Administration Site Configuring Access to the Self-Service Site Configuring Access to the Helpdesk Site Configuring Questions and Answers Policy Workflow overview Custom workflows Custom Activities Self-Service Workflows Helpdesk Workflows User Enforcement Rules
General Settings
General Settings Overview Search and Logon Options Import/Export Configuration Settings Outgoing Mail Servers Diagnostic Logging Scheduled Tasks Web Interface Customization Instance Reinitialization Realm Instances AD LDS Instance Connections Extensibility Features RADIUS Two-Factor Authentication Password Manager components and third-party applications Unregistering users from Password Manager Bulk Force Password Reset Working with Redistributable Secret Management account Email Templates
Password Policies Enable S2FA for Administrators and Enable S2FA for HelpDesk Users Reporting Appendix A: Accounts Used in Password Manager for AD LDS Appendix B: Open Communication Ports for Password Manager for AD LDS Appendix C: Customization Options Overview Appendix D: Feature imparities between the legacy and the new Self-Service Sites Glossary

About Password Manager

Password Manager Overview

Password Manager Overview

One Identity Password Manager (Active Directory Lightweight Services) is a Web-based application that provides an easy-to-implement and use, yet highly secure, password management solution. Users can connect to Password Manager by using their favorite browser and perform password self-management tasks, thus eliminating the need for assistance from high-level administrators and reducing help desk workload. The solution offers a powerful and flexible password policy control mechanism that allows the Password Manager administrator to ensure that all passwords in the organization comply with the established policies.

Password Manager allows managing users that do not have accounts in the Active Directory. For example, using Password Manager you can manage passwords for contractors and other external users.

Integration with One Identity Quick Connect Sync Engine, Redistributable Secret Management Service facilitates cross-platform password synchronization that enables Password Manager to change.

The key features and benefits of Password Manager include:

  • Global access. Password Manager provides 24/7 and 365 days access to the Self-Service site from intranet computers as well as via Internet from any most common browser. The solution supports flexible access modes and logon options.
  • Strong data encryption and secure communication. The solution relies on industry-leading technologies for enhanced communication security and data encryption.
  • Cross-platform password synchronization.Password Manager has been designed to use One Identity Quick Connect Sync Engine, Redistributable Secret Management Service, which makes it possible to automatically synchronize users' passwords across multiple connected data sources.
  • Web interface for a helpdesk service.Password Manager features the Helpdesk site which allows administrators to delegate helpdesk tasks to dedicated operators. These tasks include resetting user passwords, managing users' Questions and Answers profiles, and assigning temporary passcodes to users.
  • Email event notifications.Administrators can configure event notifications that are sent by email to designated recipients when specified events occur.
  • Powerful password policies.Password Manager ensures that only passwords that meet administrator-defined policies are accepted. Unsuccessful authentication attempts are logged and the corresponding accounts are locked if necessary.
  • Granular policy enforcement.Password policies are applied on a per-group or per OU basis.
  • Questions and Answers authentication mechanism.To reset passwords or unlock accounts, users are prompted to answer a series of questions for which users provide their secret answers when registering with Password Manager.
  • Enhanced user name search options.Users can be allowed to view their account attributes, such as user logon name, first name, display name, and SMTP address, when searching for their forgotten user names. A more specific search query returns the most relevant search results.
  • Fault tolerance and scalability.Password Manager is designed to work with network load balancing clusters and in a Web farm environment.

Getting Started

Different Site for Different Roles

The Web Interface allows multiple Web sites to be installed with individual, customizable configurations. The following is a list of Web sites that are available out-of-the box.

  • Administration site is designed for individuals who are responsible for implementing password self-management tasks and password policies to suit the specific needs of their organization.
  • Helpdesk site handles typical tasks performed by helpdesk operators, such as resetting passwords, unlocking user accounts, assigning temporary passcodes, and managing users' Questions and Answers profiles.
  • Self-Service site provides users with the ability to easily and securely manage their passwords, thus eliminating the need for assistance from high-level administrators and reducing helpdesk workload.
    • Password Manager Self-Service site In the Password Manager version 5.12.0, you have the option to access the Password Manager Self-Service site. The Password Manager Self-Service site provides functionality similar to the Legacy Self-Service site. The Password Manager Self-Service site includes enhancements to the user interface to improve the usability of the site. The Password Manager Self-Service site and the Legacy Self-Service site can co-exist and it is possible to revert to the Legacy Self-Service site.

In the Password Manager version 5.9, you have the option to access the Password Manager Self-Service site. The Password Manager Self-Service site contains all the functionality similar to the existing Legacy Self-Service site, with a new and improved user interface.

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