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Identity Manager On Demand - Starling Edition Hosted - Attestation Administration Guide

Attestation and recertification
One Identity Manager users for attestation Attestation base data Attestation types Attestation procedure Attestation schedules Compliance frameworks Chief approval team Attestation policy owners Standard reasons for attestation Attestation policies Sample attestation Grouping attestation policies Custom mail templates for notifications Suspending attestation Automatic attestation of policy violations
Approval processes for attestation cases
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Attestation sequence Default attestations Mitigating controls Setting up attestation in a separate database Configuration parameters for attestation

Copying approval workflows

You can copy default approval workflows in order to customize them.

To copy an approval workflow

  1. In the Manager, select the Attestation > Basic configuration data > Approval workflows category.

  2. Select an approval workflow in the result list and run the Change main data task.

  3. Select the Copy workflow task.

  4. Enter a name for the copy.

  5. Click OK to start copying.

    - OR -

    Click Cancel to cancel copying.

  6. To edit the copy immediately, click Yes.

    - OR -

    To edit the copy later, click No.

Deleting approval workflows

The approval workflow can only be deleted if it is not assigned to an approval policy.

To delete an approval workflow

  1. Remove all assignments to approval policies.

    1. Check to which approval policies the approval workflow is assigned.

    2. Go to the main data form for the approval policy and assign a different approval workflow.

  2. In the Manager, select the Attestation > Basic configuration data > Approval workflows category.

  3. Select an approval workflow in the result list.

  4. Click .

  5. Confirm the security prompt with Yes.
Detailed information about this topic

Default approval workflows

One Identity Manager provides a default approval workflow for default attestation of new users and recertification of all identities stored in the One Identity Manager database. Moreover, default approval workflows are supplied through which different roles and system entitlements mapped in the Unified Namespace can be attested. You can use default approval policies for creating attestation policies in the Web Portal.

To edit default approval workflows

  • In the Manager, select the Attestation > Basic configuration data > Approval workflows > Predefined category.

For more information about using default approval workflows, see the One Identity Manager Web Designer Web Portal User Guide.

Related topics

Selecting attestors

One Identity Manager can make approvals automatically in an attestation procedure or through attestors. An attestor is an identity or a group of identities who can grant or deny an attestation case within an attestation procedure. It takes several approval procedures to grant or deny approval. You specify in the approval step which approval procedure should be used.

If several people are determined to be approvers by an approval procedure, the number given in the approval step specifies how many people must approve the step. A request can only be passed up to next level afterward. The attestation procedure is canceled if an approver cannot be found for an approval step.

One Identity Manager provides approval procedures by default. You can also define your own approval procedures.

The DBQueue Processor calculates which identity is authorized as an approver and in which approval level. Take into account the special cases for each approval procedure when setting up the approval workflows to determine those authorized to grant approval.

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