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Identity Manager 9.1 - Administration Guide for Connecting to Cloud HR Systems

Updating attributes for employees of Dayforce

The template enables you to update the following attributes:

  • Phone
  • PhoneMobile
  • DefaultEmailAddress
  • Username

To update attributes for an employee

  1. Open the Manager.

  2. Navigate to the Employees section and select the employee.
  3. In the task view, select Change master data.
  4. Initiate and complete the necessary changes on the supported attributes.
  5. Click Save to save the changes.

NOTE: A process is introduced to handle the update scenario. This process is triggered when an update operation is performed on the Person table.

NOTE: It is recommended to not have additional bidirectional mapping sets for unsupported attributes. If updates to other attributes are required, contact the One Identity support for a new enhancement request.


Troubleshooting issues related to Cloud HR Systems module include checking synchronization logs for inconsistencies after the synchronization is complete. For more details about the log, you can view the jobs server logs, which is assigned to handle Cloud HR System module synchronizations.

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