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Identity Manager 9.1 - Administration Guide for Connecting to ServiceNow

ServiceNow Module Overview Installation Managing ServiceNow Incidents from One Identity Manager One Identity Manager for Service Catalog Logging Troubleshooting

Create One Identity Manager employee from ServiceNow

One Identity Manager ServiceNow Application allows admin to create a new employee for One Identity Manager using ServiceNow “One Identity Manager for Person OnBoarding” feature. The detailed procedure to create an employee is explained below.

NOTE: Ensure that the data has been synced from One identity manager to ServiceNow tables.

To create an employee from ServiceNow Person OnBoarding Catalog page

  1. From the ServiceNow instance portal navigate to the Catalog page.

  2. Search for One Identity Manager for Person OnBoarding.

  3. Enter the required details and click on submit.

Detailed explanation of the fields

Table 2: Fields
Field Names Description


First name of the employee


Last name of the employee

Contact Email Address

The email address of the employee


Gender of the employee

Primary department

Department to which the employee is primary assigned

Primary Cost Center

Cost center to which the employee is primary assigned

Primary Location

Location to which the employee is primary assigned

Primary Business Role

Business role to which the employee is assigned

Person Manager

Select the Person Manager for the new employee

Person Sponsor

Select the Person Sponsor for the new employee. The sponsor is the ServiceNow user requesting for new employee

Date of Birth

This field will determine the date of birth of employee

Entry Date/Time

Date the employee started at the company. The Entry date is in user's configured timezone. The time will be converted into GMT format in the One Identity Manager

Employee Type

Employee type of the new Employee. This field is auto populated from the Configuration parameters "default_employee_type"


Additional information about the Employee


  • Either one of the fields, "Person Manager" or "Person Sponsor" is mandatory. Person manager is given the preference if both are selected.

  • Person Manager or Person Sponsor must have approver_role to approve the request.

  • To view the Person OnBoarding form, the user must have x_oni_oneim_addon.admin role.


Log level can be configured using the configuration parameter log_level. The different log levels and their description are explained in below table. The default log_level is info.

Log Level Description Log Level Description
error Logs events that might still allow the application to continue running. Setting the log level for an application to error generates error messages only, but does not generate warn, info, or debug messages.


Logs potentially harmful events. Setting the log level for an application to warn generates error and warn messages but does not generate error or debug messages.


Logs informational messages that describe the progress of the application. Setting the log level for an application to info generates info, warn, and error messages, but does not generate debug messages.


Logs informational events that are useful for debugging an application. Setting the log level for an application to debug generates info, warn, error, and debug messages.


This section covers the troubleshooting guidelines for the One Identity Manager and ServiceNow integration.

One Identity Manager for Service Catalog

Unable to load data in to ServiceNow from One Identity Manager

Test to make sure the One Identity Manager App server is accessible from ServiceNow. After executing the Initial Synchronization in section (see Initial load from One Identity Manager to ServiceNow), in case the data is not loaded into the application tables, verify the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the application logs to check for any error related to the connectivity between ServiceNow and One Identity Manager application server

  2. Verify that One Identity Manager App server is accessible through the browser using the same credentials and Application server URL provided in the configuration

Catalog Page load takes long time to load

Make sure the catalog page full synchronization configuration parameter (page_load_data_from_oneim_server_full_load) has been turned off.

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