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Identity Manager 9.1 - Attestation Administration Guide

Attestation and recertification
One Identity Manager users for attestation Attestation base data Attestation types Attestation procedure Attestation schedules Compliance frameworks Chief approval team Attestation policy owners Standard reasons for attestation Attestation policies Sample attestation Grouping attestation policies Custom mail templates for notifications Suspending attestation
Approval processes for attestation cases
Approval policies for attestations Approval workflow for attestations Selecting attestors Setting up multi-factor authentication for attestation Prevent attestation by employee awaiting attestation Phases of attestation Attestation by peer group analysis Managing attestation cases
Attestation sequence Default attestation and withdrawal of entitlements User attestation and recertification Certifying new roles and organizations Mitigating controls Setting up attestation in a separate database Configuration parameters for attestation

Starting schedules immediately

NOTE: If a schedule is started, it starts attestation for all active attestation policies assigned with the schedule.

To start a schedule immediately

  1. In the Manager, select the Attestation > Basic configuration data > Schedules category.

  2. Select the schedule in the result list.

  3. Select the Start immediately task.

    A message appears confirming that the schedule was started.

Compliance frameworks

Compliance frameworks are used for classifying attestation policies, compliance rules, and company policies according to regulatory requirements.

Compliance frameworks can be organized hierarchically. To do this, assign a parent framework to the compliance frameworks.

To edit compliance frameworks

  1. In the Manager, select the Attestation > Basic configuration data > Compliance Frameworks category.

  2. Select a Compliance Framework in the result list and run the Change main data task.

    - OR -

    Click in the result list.

  3. Edit the compliance framework main data.

  4. Save the changes.

Enter the following properties for compliance frameworks.

Table 7: Compliance framework properties



Compliance framework

Name of the compliance framework.

Parent framework

Parent compliance framework in the framework hierarchy. Select an existing compliance framework in the menu for organizing compliance frameworks hierarchically.


Application role whose members are allowed to edit all attestation policies assigned to this compliance framework


Text field for additional explanation.

Additional tasks for compliance frameworks

After you have entered the main data, you can run the following tasks.

Compliance framework overview

You can see the most important information about a compliance framework on the overview form.

To obtain an overview of a compliance framework

  1. In the Manager, select the Attestation > Basic configuration data > Compliance Frameworks category.

  2. Select the compliance framework from the result list.
  3. Select the Compliance framework overview task.
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