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Identity Manager 9.1 - Web Designer Reference Guide

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Configuring a web project

To configure a web project, you edit configuration keys in Settings....

To configure a web project

  1. In the toolbar, click Edit.
  2. In the Configure project submenu, select the Web project item.

    The Configure project tab is displayed with the existing configuration sections.

    NOTE: If the debugging environment is deactivated or the web application is not running correctly, it is possible that the current status of the web project is compiled before the data is displayed.

    NOTE: The view in the Configure project tab is the same view that you access by pressing the Settings... button.

  3. Open the required configuration section.

    This displays the configuration key stored under the configuration section.

Finding a specific configuration key

To find a special configuration key

  1. Perform one of the following tasks:
    1. Enter part or the entire search term on the Configure project tab and click .
    2. Click to open the Options pane.

    A select of options is displayed, which you can use for searching. The following options are available:

    Table 36: Configuration key search options
    Option Description
    Parameters Searches in parameters only.
    Key Searches in keys only.
    Description Searches in descriptions only.
    File Name Searches in file names only
    Only from type Searches in a specific parameter-type only.

    NOTE: The Only of type option has a menu that you use to select a parameter type.

  2. Check one or more of the boxes and click .

    Configuration keys matching your search criteria are displayed.

  3. Select a configuration key.

    More information about the selected configuration key is displayed in the Details pane.

    NOTE: In the Details view, detailed information about the configuration key of the configuration section is displayed, which is implemented in the Object definition view in the definition tree view. Depending on which parameter type is used for the configuration key, when editing the configuration key in the Settings... view, different input options are available.
  4. Enter the value - Is equivalent to standard value in the Value (custom) column, by clicking .
  5. Perform one of the following tasks:
    1. Click to open the wizard.
    2. Click to jump to the definition object.

      A new tab is opened in the definition tree view and the corresponding node is marked in the Object definition.

    3. Set the custom value back to default by clicking and confirming the prompt.

    NOTE: Different editing options for the configuration key values are described in more detail in the following sections on individual parameter types.

The following parameter type can be assigned to a configuration key:

  • Boolean value
  • SQL filter condition
  • Selection from value list
  • Free text
  • Property list
  • Image
  • Color value
  • Color dictionary

Finding references to a configuration key

The Web Designer can display all the places where a specific configuration key is used.

To view references for a configuration key

  1. On the Configure project tab, mark a configuration key.

    For more information, see Finding a specific configuration key.

  2. In the Details pane, click the Show definition object button.

    The definition object in which the configuration key is defined is marked in the definition tree view.

  3. Click the marked definition object and select the Search object references context menu item.

    The object references corresponding to the search are listed in a dialog.

  4. Double-click a reference to access more details in the Node editor view.

Calling up the "Settings" view

To call the "Settings..." view

NOTE: A database object must be selected to be edited in the definition tree view.

  • In the definition tree view, click the Settings button.
    NOTE: If several configuration keys exist, they are grouped together in one configuration section. You can expand the configuration sections to go to the configuration key of your choice.
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