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One Identity Starling Hosted - User Guide

Introduction to services

Once you have created a Starling organization, you can begin adding services to that organization. The type of subscription a service is originally designated as may change at a later date. This is due to the continuous improvement and expansion of the main Starling product, as well as any changes and additions made to the available services.

The types of subscriptions available within Starling fall into different categories:

Paid subscriptions

The services available for purchase can be accessed by any Starling organization. A subscription to this type of service will provide you with full access to that One Identity product for the length of your contract. For information on purchasing a subscription to a service, on the home page use the More Information button associated with the service and consult the documentation specific to that service for additional information.

NOTE: Contact Sales or Support to cancel a paid subscription.

Trial subscriptions

The services available for trials can be subscribed to for a limited period of time before they require a full subscription. This allows you to view and test the product before making a longer term commitment to using the service.

Starting a service trial

Once logged in, you can trial certain services available on the home page of the Starling web site. The available services are listed in the Services section of the page.

To start a service trial

  1. Sign in to Starling.
  2. From the Starling home page, locate the service you want to trial (the type of service is indicated by the button associated with the service) and click Trial.

  3. In the dialog, select your country. This field only appears the first time you add a service to your organization.

  4. If applicable, a second field will appear in which you must select your state or province from the drop-down list. This field only appears the first time you add a service to your organization.
  5. Click Confirm.

    The service will be added to the My Services section and be available for use until the trial period has ended. The number of days left in your trial is indicated by a countdown on the service access button on the Starling home page. At any point in the trial you can use the More Information button associated with the service to find out how to purchase the product.

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