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Defender 6.4.1 - Token User Guide

Using software tokens
Soft Token for Android Soft Token for iOS Soft Token for Java Soft Token for Windows Authy E-mail token Google Authenticator GrIDsure token SMS token VIP credential Software token Enabling the use of Microsoft Authenticator Enabling the use of OneLogin Authenticator
Using hardware tokens

Uninstalling Soft Token for Java

Complete the steps provided for your version of Windows in the table below.


Table 1:

Steps to uninstall Soft Token for Java

A later version of Windows

On the Apps screen, click the Uninstall Defender Soft Token for Java tile.

In the window that opens, click Uninstall.

Soft Token for Windows

Installing Soft Token for Windows

Installation methods:

  1. Installing using a setup file
  2. Installing using Defender Self-Service Portal

Installing using a setup file

You can use a setup file provided by your system administrator to install the Soft Token for Windows. To use this installation method, contact your system administrator to obtain the DefenderSoftToken.exe file with which you can install the token.

To install Soft Token for Windows

  1. Run the DefenderSoftToken.exe file provided to you by your system administrator.
  2. Complete the wizard to install the token.
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