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Identity Manager Data Governance Edition 8.0.1 - Deployment Guide

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Managed Paths Picker dialog

The Managed Paths Picker dialog allows you to select the managed paths (root of an NTFS tree or point in your SharePoint farm hierarchy) to be scanned by the selected agent. This dialog appears when you click the Add button on the Managed Paths page of the Managed Host Settings dialog for a managed host.

This dialog contains the following controls:

Table 32: Managed Paths Picker dialog: Controls
Control Description
Managed Paths Selection

Displays a hierarchical view of the NTFS tree or SharePoint farm.

Navigate to the managed paths to be scanned and select the check box to the left of an NTFS directory to select it. By default, everything under a selected managed path will also be selected for scanning. To exclude parts of a managed path, clear the top level path's check box and select and clear individual check boxes to ensure you are scanning only those items you want to scan.

Once a managed path is specified, a check mark appears in the check box to the left of the managed path. In addition, the name of the agent appears in the Scanning Agent column to the right of the managed path.

Agent Selection

When using multiple agents to scan a remote managed host or SharePoint managed host, the managed paths to be monitored and then select an agent from the Agent Selection drop-down menu. Repeat this process for each of the agents, selecting a different managed path for each agent. The Scanning Agent field in the Managed Paths Selection grid displays the agent selected to scan the different paths.

NOTE: Multiple agents cannot scan the same managed paths on a remote managed host.


Click the OK button to save your selections and close the dialog.


Click the Cancel button to close the dialog without saving your selections.

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