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Identity Manager Data Governance Edition 8.1.1 - Deployment Guide

Introduction Data Governance Edition system requirements Install One Identity Manager Data Governance Edition Deploy Data Governance Edition components Post installation configuration Authentication using service accounts and managed domains Working with managed hosts and agents Upgrade Data Governance Edition Remove Data Governance Edition Troubleshooting Appendix: NetApp managed host deployment Appendix: EMC managed host deployment Appendix: SharePoint managed host deployment

Remove managed hosts (and associated agents)

Note: All agents associated with a managed host are uninstalled when you remove a managed host.

Before removing a managed host ensure that the impact of its removal is considered. Any governed data records or activity information associated with resources on that host is removed from the database as well. Use caution when removing the governance on an item, as there may be business reasons for this setting.

It can take a considerable amount of time to remove a managed host with governed resources (for example, one to two hours per million governed resources). The Manager lists the managed host in the "Deleting" state until this process finishes.

To remove a managed host (and its agents)

  1. In the Navigation view, select Data Governance | Managed hosts.
  2. Select a managed host from the Managed hosts view, and select Remove in the Tasks view or right-click menu.

    Note: You can select multiple managed hosts for removal.

    The Remove task is not available for host computers with a status of Not Managed.

  3. Click Remove to confirm the removal.

    If you remove a managed host with governed data, the data is no longer governed. All associated security information and resource activity is also deleted.

Remove service account assignments

Use the Manager to remove all the service account assignments from your managed domains:

  1. In the Navigation view, select Data Governance | Service accounts.
  2. In the Service Accounts pane, select the service account.
  3. Right-click and select Tasks | Assign domains.
  4. In the Remove assignments pane (top pane), double-click the managed domain to be removed. You can also right-click the managed domain and select Remove or Remove All.

    The managed host now appears in the Add assignments pane (lower pane).

  5. Click the Save toolbar button to save your selection.

Delete service accounts

Use the Manager to delete all registered service accounts:

  1. In the Navigation view, select Data Governance | Service accounts.
  2. In the Service Accounts pane, right-click the service account and select Delete.
  3. Select Yes to confirm the deletion.
  4. Repeat to remove all service accounts.

Uninstall Data Governance service

Use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall the Data Governance Edition service.

  1. From the Start menu, run Programs and Features (Control Panel | All Control Panel Items | Program and Features).
  2. Locate One Identity Manager Data Governance Edition Server <version> in the program list, right-click and select Uninstall.
  3. Click Yes on the confirmation dialog.
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