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Identity Manager Data Governance Edition 8.2 - Technical Insight Guide

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Returns the account aliases. This can be used to see the group membership for a specific trustee. For example, if one of these groups (aliases) has access to a resource, the original account will also have this same access.


Get-QAccountAliases [-AccountSid] <String> [-AccountDomain] <String> [<CommonParameters>]

Table 193: Parameters
Parameter Description

Specify the security identifier (SID) of the account.

AccountDomain Specify the name of the domain the account is in.
Table 194: Examples
Example Description
Get-QAccountAliases -AccountSid S-1-5-21-3765505745-248418262-535198764-1133 Returns the aliases related to the specified account.
Details retrieved:
Table 195: Details retrieved
Detail Description
Sid The security identifier (SID) assigned to the account aliases.
DomainDnsName The DNS name of the domain where the account is located.
TrusteeType The type of account.


Retrieves all account access for a specific managed host.


Get-QAccountsForHost [-ManagedHostId] <String> [<CommonParameters>]

Table 196: Parameters
Parameter Description

Specify the ID (GUID format) of the managed host to be queried.

Run the Get-QManagedHosts cmdlet without any parameters to retrieve a list of managed hosts and associated IDs.

Table 197: Examples
Example Description
Get-QAccountsForHost -ManagedHostId 5b3e4a3c-9c7b-4da1-b6bc-db552ee51656 Retrieves a list of the accounts related to the specified managed host.
Details retrieved:

For each account that has access to the given host, the following information is returned.

Table 198: Details retrieved
Detail Description
TrusteeName A list of the accounts (trustees) for the managed host.
TrusteeSid The security identifier (SID) assigned to each account (trustee).

The type of account. For a list of trustee types, see Trustee types


Shows all of the hosts that the account has access to.

This host list also shows for each account that has access to the specified host, what other hosts they have access to.


Retrieves Active Directory objects from One Identity Manager and QAM tables: ADSAccount, ADSGroup, ADSOtherSID, QAMLocalUser, and QAMLocalGroup.


Get-QADAccount [-Name] [<String>]] [-Domain] [<String>]] [<CommonParameters>]

Table 199: Parameters
Parameter Description

(Optional) Specify the name of the Active Directory object to be retrieved.

If this parameter is not specified, all Active Directory objects are retrieved.


(Optional) Specify the domain to be queried to locate the Active Directory objects.

If this parameter is not specified, all domains are included in the query.

Table 200: Examples
Example Description
Get-QADAccount Retrieves information for all Active Directory objects on all domains in your Data Governance Edition deployment.
Get-QADAccount -Name Administrator -Domain MyDomain

Retrieves Active Directory information for account Administrator in domain MyDomain.

Details retrieved:
Table 201: Details retrieved
Detail Description

DomainInfo is an array that can be expanded to display the following information about the domain the account belongs to:

  • DnsDomainName
  • NetbiosDomainName
  • Type
AccountSid The security identifier (SID) assigned to the Active Directory account.
SamAccountName If available, the login name for the account.
DistinquishedName The distinguished name of the Active Directory account.
Name The display name of the Active Directory account.
AccountType The type of account.
ErrorMessage If available, error messages associated with the Active Directory account.


Retrieves a list of all the members of a group, including members of child groups. This helps you assess how a specific account has gained access to a resource.


Get-QGroupMembers [-GroupSid] <String> [[-Domain] [<String>]] [<CommonParameters>]

Table 202: Parameters
Parameter Description
GroupSid Specify the security identifier, in SDDL format, of the group whose membership you are interested in.

(Optional) Specify the domain containing the group whose membership you are interested in.

NOTE: This value will only be used if the domain is valid and multiple instances of this SID exist (well-known SIDs).

Table 203: Examples
Example Description
Get-QGroupMembers -GroupSid S-1-5-500 -Domain vmset6 Gets the group members from the specified domain.
Detailed retrieved:
Table 204: Details retrieved
Detail Description

ResultList is an array that can be expanded to show the following information for the members of the given group:

  • ID
  • ParentID
  • DNPrefix
  • SamAccountName
  • SamAccountType
  • RID
  • WellKnown
  • GroupType
  • ObjectClass
  • RedundantBranch
IssueList IssuesList is an array that can be expanded to view any issues encountered.
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