Assigns a classification level to a governed resource.


Set-QClassificationLevelOnDuG [-DuGId] <String> [-ClassificationLevelId] <String> [[Justification] [<String>]] [<CommonParameters>]

Table 266: Parameters
Parameter Description

Specify the identifier assigned to the governed resource to be classified (that is, value assigned to UID_QAMDuG parameter).

Run the Get-QDataUnderGovernance cmdlet to retrieve a list of governed resources for a managed host or resource path, including their assigned identifiers.


Specify the identifier assigned to the classification level to be assigned (that is, value assigned to UID_QAMClassificationLevelMan parameter).

Run the Get-QClassificationLevelConfiguration cmdlet to retrieve a list of configured classification levels, including their assigned identifiers.

Justification (Optional) Enter the reason for assigning this classification level
Table 267: Examples
Example Description

Set-QClassificationLevelOnDuG -DuGID 3FAA7F80-F964-4C2A-8F99-045EE43A0A3F -ClassificationLevelId 51442B53-A9BE-4EE0-8A89-B5D5ED3CF387 -Justification "Contains company confidential information"

Manually assign the 'Internal Use Only' classification level (with UID_QAMClassificationLevel value of 51442B53-A9BE-4EE0-8A89-B5D5ED3CF387) to the specified governed resource (with UID_QAMDuG value of 3FAA7F80-F964-4C2A-8F99-045EE43A0A3F).