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Identity Manager On Demand Hosted - Company Policies Administration Guide

Company policies
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Notifications about policy violations without exception approval

Policy supervisors are notified if new policy violations are discovered during a policy check and these cannot be granted exception approval.


  • Exception approvals for policy violations are not permitted.

  • An application role for Policy superviors is assigned to the company policy.

  • Employees are assigned to this application role.

To inform a policy supervisor about policy violations

  • Enter the following data for the company policy:

    Exception approval allowed: Not enabled

    Mail Template New Violation: Policies - rogue violation occurred

    TIP: To use a mail template other than the standard for these notifications, create a mail template with the QERPolicy base object.

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Approval status of a policy violation

Edit policy violations in the Web Portal. You can also get an overview of the approval status of each policy violation in the Manager. To do this, open the overview form of the enabled company policy whose policy violations you want to look at. You will see new, granted, and denied policy violations here.

To display details of a policy violation

  1. Select the form element for the policy violation and make the list entries visible.
  2. Click the policy violation you want to view.

    This opens the policy violation main data form, This shows you an overview of the object that caused the violation, the approval status and the exception approver responsible.

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Creating custom mail templates for notifications

For more information about creating and editing mail template, see the One Identity Manager Operational Guide.

A mail template consists of general main data such as target format, importance, or mail notification confidentiality, and one or more mail definitions. Mail text is defined in several languages in the mail template. This ensures that the language of the recipient is taken into account when the email is generated.

General properties of a mail template

The following general properties are displayed for a mail template.

Table 19: Mail template properties



Mail template

Name of the mail template. This name will be used to display the mail templates in the administration tools and in the Web Portal. Translate the given text using the button.

Base object

Mail template base object. A base object only needs to be entered if the mail definition properties of the base object are referenced.

Use the QERPolicy or QERPolicyHasObject base object for notifications about policy violations.

Report (parameter set)

Report, made available through the mail template.


Mail template description. Translate the given text using the button.

Target format

Format in which to generate email notification. Permitted values are:

  • HTML: The email notification is formatted in HTML. Text formats, for example, different fonts, colored fonts, or other text formatting, can be included in HTML format.

  • TXT: The email notification is formatted as text. Text format does not support bold, italics, or colored font, or other text formatting. Images displayed directly in the message are not supported.

Design type

Design in which to generate the email notification. Permitted values are:

  • Mail template: The generated email notification contains the mail body in accordance with the mail definition.

  • Report: The generated email notification contains the report specified under Report (parameter set) as its mail body.

  • Mail template, report in attachment: The generated email notification contains the mail body in accordance with the mail definition. The report specified under Report (parameter set) is attached to the notification as a PDF file.


Importance for the email notification. Permitted values are Low, Normal, and High.


Confidentiality for the email notification. Permitted values are Normal, Personal, Private, and Confidential.

Can unsubscribe

Specifies whether the recipient can unsubscribe email notification. If this option is set, the emails can be unsubscribed through the Web Portal.


Specifies whether this mail template is disabled.

Mail definition

Selects the mail definition in a specific language.

NOTE: If the Common | MailNotification | DefaultCulture configuration parameter is set, the mail definition is loaded in the default language for email notifications when the template is opened.


Language that applies to the mail template. The recipient's language preferences are taken into account when an email notification is generated.


Subject of the email message.

Mail body

Content of the email message.

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