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Identity Manager 8.1.4 - Company Policies Administration Guide

Company policies
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Mitigating controls General Configuration Parameter for Company Policies

Checking company policies

Processing tasks are created for the DBQueue Processor to check the validity of a company policy. The DBQueue Processor determines which employees satisfy the company policy and which employees violate the policy in the case of each company policy. The specified company policy approvers can check policy violations and if necessary grant exception approval.

Calculating policy violations

You can start policy checking in different ways to determine current policy violations in the One Identity Manager database:

  • Scheduled policy checking
  • Ad-hoc policy checking

Furthermore, company policy testing is triggered by different events:

  • A company is enabled.
  • A working copy is enabled.
  • A company policy is enabled.

During policy checking, all objects are found that fulfill the condition defined in the company policy. Only enabled company policies are taken into account.

Scheduled policy checking

You can use the default schedule policies from One Identity Manager's default installation to test all company policies in full. This schedule generates processing tasks at regular intervals for the DBQueue Processor.


  • The company policy is enabled.
  • The schedule stored with the company policies is enabled.
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Ad-hoc policy checking

Various tasks for immediate policy checking are available for an enabled company policy.

Table 17: Additional tasks for company policies
Task Description
Recalculate policy This immediately checks the company policy.
Recalculate all All company policies are immediately checked.
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