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Identity Manager 8.1.4 - Web Designer and Web Portal Changes

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Compiling web projects with customizations Updating web applications Changes in Web Designer and in Web Portal 8.0 Changes in Web Designer and in Web Portal 7.1 Changes in Web Designer and in Web Portal 7.0

Removed features

  • The drop down container control has been removed.
  • The drop down button control does not support sub menu items anymore.
  • The control events Click a control, Move parent container, Expand/collapse grids and Flush client commands have been removed.
  • The property Allow special HTML sequences on the label control has been removed.
  • The property Skip condition for this band on the grid control has been removed.
  • The property Filter condition for nodes to be expanded on the grid control has been removed.
  • On the Fill collection action, the option Load candidates for M:N relation has been removed.
  • Special pages that were defined as raw HTML are no longer supported. Specifically, the login page, logout page and the error page cannot be defined as raw HTML.
  • Configuration parameters with the type Expression are no longer supported.
  • The Report Viewer node type does not support directly exporting a PDF file. To directly transmit a compiled report as a PDF file, see the component VI_Common_ShowReport for an implementation example.
  • The ability to record and run scripts in Web Designer has been removed.

Property write protection

The semantics of the write protection functionality has been modified.

When defining a write protection on a property, the write protection will affect all controls bound to that property. Previously, only controls defined in the sub tree of the write protection"node were affected. This change was made to reduce ambiguity in some situations, and to allow for cleaner separation of UI and permission-related code.

If you have both read-only and read-write use cases in a component, you can define a so-called proxy property to build a read-only proxy property.

Boolean values and NULL

In versions up to 6.1, the internal data storage allowed for Boolean-typed values to be NULL. This is no longer the case, and the C# non-nullable type System.Boolean is now used.

WebSQL expressions such as IsNull(BooleanFunction(), true) are now considered invalid and will generate the following compiler error:

"The expression is of type System.Boolean and is never NULL."

Modified session timeout handling

Previous versions included a heartbeat functionality to keep a user’s session open as long as the browser window was open. This was implemented by sending a ping from the browser to the server. As this may cause heavy server load in certain scenarios, this feature has been removed.

As a consequence, the session timeout configured for the web application will now cause inactive sessions to time out, even if the user’s browser window is still open.

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