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Identity Manager 8.2.1 - Chargeback Administration Guide

Accounting data
One Identity Manager users for accounting Prerequisites for accounting Compiling price information Basic accounting data Entering and editing service items Entering and editing service categories Vouchers and voucher items

General main data for vouchers

Enter the following properties on the General tab:

Table 11: General main data of vouchers
Property Description

Voucher number

Number or ID of the voucher.

Voucher date

Data of the voucher.

voucher type

Select a voucher type from the menu.

Voucher number (external)

Customer or supplier's voucher number if the voucher was imported.


Supplier's contract reference number.

Purchase price

Purchase price.

Sales price

Sales price.

Internal price

Internal transfer price.


Currency unit


Text field for additional explanation.


Specifies whether the voucher has been processed or not.

Related topics

Invoice recipients for receipts

Enter the address data for the invoice recipient on the Invoice recipient tab.

Table 12: Voucher's invoice recipient data
Property Description


Invoice recipient.

Surname prefix

Addition to recipients name.


Street or road.

Zip code

Zip code.



Desired delivery date.

Target date for delivery.

Received on

Date on which the voucher was received.

Date approved

Date on which the voucher was approved.

Custom main data of vouchers

Additional company-specific information. Use the Designer to customize display names, formats, and templates for the input fields.

Assigning vouchers to devices

Use this task to assigned different devices items to a voucher.

To assign a device to a voucher

  1. In the Manager, select the Accounting > Vouchers category.

  2. Select the voucher in the result list.

  3. Select the Assign devices task.

  4. In the Add assignments pane, assign the devices.

    TIP: In the Remove assignments pane, you can remove the device assignments.

    To remove an assignment

    • Select the device and double-click .

  5. Save the changes.
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