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Identity Manager 9.0 LTS - API Development Guide

Response formats

Most API methods return results in JSON format (application/json). Furthermore, there is support for results in CSV and PDF format as long as the result of the respective API method is declared as exportable (with the AllowExport flag). Basically, an API method can return results in any format compatible with HTTP.

To obtain results in CSV format

  • In the query, set Accept header to text/csv.

To obtain results in PDF format

  • In the query, set Accept header to applciation/pdf.

    NOTE: To obtain results in PDF format, the RPS module must be installed on your system.

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Response codes

Responses that are sent from the REST API use the following codes. If queries fail, an explanatory error message is displayed.

Response codes



Query successful.


Query successful. Response has no content.


Access not authorized. The session must be authorized first.


The given resource could not be found.


The HTTP method used is not allowed for this query.


A server error occurred. The error message is sent with the response. On the ground of security, a detailed error message is not included in the response. For more information, see the application log file on the server.

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Avoiding deadlocks

API development includes a lot of asynchronous code with async/await constructs. To avoid deadlocks, use the ConfigureAwait(false) method for every await keyword.

For more information, see and

Examples and help – Software Development Kit

To make it easier for you to start developing your API, One Identity provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) with lots of commented code example.

The SDK can be found on the installation medium in the directory QBM\dvd\AddOn\ApiSamples.

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