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Safeguard for Sudo 7.2.1 - Administration Guide

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Policy servers are failing

The primary and secondary policy servers must be able to communicate with each other and the remote hosts must be able to communicate with the policy servers in the policy group.

For example, if you run pmpluginloadcheck on a Sudo Plugin host to determine that it can communicate with other policy servers in the group, you might get output similar to the following:

++ Checking ( ... [FAIL]

There are several possible reasons for failure:

  • Policy server host is down
  • Network outage
  • Service not running on policy server host

pmgit Troubleshooting

This section describes common issues that may occur when using pmgit. Follow the instructions to troubleshoot pmgit operation.

Setting alert for syntactically incorrect policies

Since policy edits are not locally bound to the policy server when using Git policy management, syntactically incorrect policies can enter the Git repository. To address such cases, set an alert from the policy server to warn you if the policy is incorrect.

As an administrator, you can use your own alert script which pmgit tool can call if the policy syntax checking returns an error message after the synchronization between the Git policy repository and the SVN policy repository.

If an alert script is configured, the pmgit tool calls it with 2 parameters:

  • Email address from the last Git commit

  • Error message from the syntax check

Sample script

This is a sample script in bash which sends the error message to the user who initiated the last commit.


/usr/sbin/sendmail -F "noreply" "${email_address}" <<EOF
subject:pmgit error
Syntax error occured in one of the policy files:

To set pmgit tool to send alert messages based on your alert script, see pmgit Set.

Automatic synchronization failed


After a successful Git policy management configuration and automatic update interval setting, Syslog sends the error message:

pmgit: Failed to fetch <Git:_URL>.: Permission denied, please try again. <user>@<host>: Permission denied (publickey,password)

You have not configured Git for passwordless authentication.


Automatic synchronization between Git and SVN is not working because pmgit update cannot run in the background due to a password prompt.


Configure Git to allow Git operations from the policy server towards the remote repository.

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