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Safeguard for Sudo 7.2.1 - Administration Guide

Introducing Safeguard for Sudo Planning Deployment Installation and Configuration Upgrade Safeguard for Sudo System Administration Managing Security Policy Administering Log and Keystroke Files Supported sudo plugins Troubleshooting Safeguard Variables Safeguard programs Installation Packages Unsupported Sudo Options Safeguard for Sudo Policy Evaluation



Type string READ/WRITE

runutmpuser specifies the login name of the user that will be used when updating the UNIX utmp and wtmp files when the request runs.

if ( user == "djv" ) 



Type string READ/WRITE

subprocuser is the user name used to run any subprocesses of pmmasterd such as, when running the system function. The default value is "root".

cfile=system("find /home/applhome -name customprofile.txt"); 
if (status == 0) 

Global event log variables

The following predefined global variables appear only in the audit (event) log. They are not available for use in the policy file, as they are set by pmlocald during the runcommand session.They are set by the Sudo Plugin during the runcommand session. Use pmlog to view them.

Table 12: Global event log variables
Variable Data Type Description
alertdate string Date on which the alert was raised.
alerttime string Time at which the alert was raised.
event string Type of event.
exitdate string Date on which the finish event was logged.
exitstatus string Exit status of the request



Exit time of the request.



Type string READONLY

event identifies the type of event logged by the policy server process. An event is logged when the policy server accepts or rejects a command.

Possible values are:

  • Accept
  • Reject
  • Finish

This value is saved in the event log and can be viewed using pmlog.

#Display all accepted events from the audit log 
pmlog -c 'event == "Accept"'
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