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syslog-ng Store Box 6.10.0 - Administration Guide

Preface Introduction The concepts of SSB The Welcome Wizard and the first login Basic settings User management and access control Managing SSB Configuring message sources Storing messages on SSB Forwarding messages from SSB Log paths: routing and processing messages Configuring syslog-ng options Searching log messages Searching the internal messages of SSB Classifying messages with pattern databases The SSB RPC API Monitoring SSB Troubleshooting SSB Security checklist for configuring SSB Glossary

Upgrading an SSB cluster

To upgrade syslog-ng Store Box (SSB)

  1. Navigate to Basic Settings > System > Upgrade.

  2. Click Choose File and select the .ISO file you want to upload.

  3. Click Upload. When the upload is finished, read the Upgrade notes pop-up window.

  4. Click . SSB will automatically upgrade and reboot the new version. Wait for the process to complete.

    NOTE: In High Availability mode, you have to start the slave node through the IPMI interface. Failing to start the slave node results in a DEGRADED HA status.

  5. Navigate to Basic Settings > System > Version details and check the version numbers of SSB. In case you encounter problems, you can find common troubleshooting steps in Troubleshooting.


If you experience any strange behavior of the web interface, first try to reload the page by holding the Shift key while clicking the Reload button of your browser (or the F5 key on your keyboard) to remove any cached version of the page.

In the unlikely case that syslog-ng Store Box (SSB) encounters a problem during the upgrade process and cannot revert to its original state, SSB performs the following actions:

  • Initializes the network interfaces using the already configured IP addresses.

  • Enables SSH-access to SSB, unless SSB is running in sealed mode. That way it is possible to access the logs of the upgrade process that helps the our Support Team to diagnose and solve the problem. Note that SSH access will be enabled on every active interface, even if management access has not been enabled for the interface.

In case the web interface is not available within 30 minutes of rebooting SSB, check the information displayed on the local console and contact our Support Team.

Updating the SSB license

The syslog-ng Store Box (SSB) license must be updated before the existing license expires or when you purchase a new license. Information of the current license of SSB is displayed on the Basic Settings > System > License page. The following information is displayed:

Figure 84: Basic Settings > System > License — Updating the license

  • Customer: The company permitted to use the license (for example Example Ltd.).

  • Serial: The unique serial number of the license.

  • Host limit: The number of peers SSB accepts log messages from.

  • Valid: The period in which the license is valid. The dates are displayed in YYYY/MM/DD format.

SSB gives an automatic alert one week before the license expires. An alert is sent also when the number of peers exceeds 90% of the limit set in the license.

The following describes how to update the license.


Before uploading a new license, you are recommended to backup the configuration of SSB. For details, see Exporting the configuration of SSB.

To update the license

  1. Navigate to Basic Settings > System > License.

  2. Click Choose File and select the new license file.

    NOTE: It is not required to manually decompress the license file. Compressed licenses (for example .zip archives) can also be uploaded.

  3. Click Upload, then .

  4. To activate the new license, navigate to Service control > Syslog traffic, indexing & search: and click Restart syslog-ng.

Monthly license host usage report

If (and only if) you upload a valid license with a host limit of a finite number, syslog-ng Store Box (SSB) can produce monthly reports about the consumed hosts. To enable or disable report generation, navigate to Basic Settings > System > License and click Enable or Disable, respectively.

Figure 85: Basic Settings > System > License — Using limited license with monthly license host usage report

When you enable monthly license host usage report generation, SSB automatically generates a report on this page at the beginning of every month. You can download or delete the report. The report files are in JSON format containing the hostname, reporting period, reporting timestamp and the number of consumed license hosts.


SSB resets its license counter every day at midnight. As a result, the host number in the monthly report file is the maximum of consumed hosts of the days of the reported period.

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