This chapter describes the initial steps of configuring syslog-ng Store Box (SSB). Before completing the steps below, unpack, assemble, and power on the hardware. Connect at least the external network interface to the local network, or directly to the computer from which SSB will be configured.

NOTE: Due to complexity of deployment, configuration, and design, you may require assistance from One Identity Professional Services while introducing new or additional:

  • sources

  • destinations

  • log paths

  • significant increases in log volume.

One Identity Professional Services is equipped and trained to evaluate the needs of any organization, and to provide configuration and architectural recommendations that help our users get the most out of any SSB version.

One Identity Professional Services offer assistance in planning and scoping for current needs, as well as recommendations for the future to ensure success.

NOTE: For details on unpacking and assembling the hardware, see "syslog-ng Store Box Hardware Installation Guide" in the Installation Guide. For details on how to create a high availability SSB cluster, see "Installing two SSB units in HA mode" in the Installation Guide.