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Customers under current support maintenance contract can download their relevant installation below


Release Date Download
TPAM Hotfix 10023 for Solution 255615 - Ability to upload larger patch files9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 10188 for Solution 257865 - Ability to clear all saved search filters on all pages for all users on the TPAM appliance9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 10189 for Solution 257866 - Data is missing when exporting reports as a result of a bug with the Max Rows to Display field9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 10350v2 for Solution 262093 - Requesting Passwords Under Heavy Load could show an error9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 10420v4 for Solution 268531 - After updating to Java version 8u202 TPAM is requiring Java cache to be cleared before each PSM session9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 10472 for Solution 306669 - Performance problems when a large number of users are deleted at one time9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 7196v2 for Solution 218755 - Allows RSA SecurID and TPAM to accept up to 64 characters for authentication9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 7933 for Solution 227123 - Allow any non-alpha numeric character to be typed in the Server Secret field for Radius and Defender external authentication 9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 8128v2 for Solution 212781 - Locate SyncPassSubscribers rows with orphaned SyncPassID values 9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 8467 for Solution 241314 - TPAM not able check password for newer versions of MySQL9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 8784v2 for Solution 215396 - - Update IIS crypto to remove 3DES ciphers9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9060 for Solution 233343 - Adds IBM DataPower as a supported platform 9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9114v3 for Solution 226306 - Adds previously deprecated KexAlgorithm and HostKeyAlgorithm to address connection issues with older SSH Daemon targets9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9172v2 for Solution 227184 - Adds a "status" page for the Cache server 9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9187 for Solution 234659 - Password reset fails for NetApp Data ONTAP 8.24P4 7-mode systems9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9197 for Solution 231347 - Updates TPAM to provide better troubleshooting information for customers using the 3270 protocol with custom platforms9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9202v2 for Solution 234656 - Missing SQL graphs in support bundle9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9203 for Solution 244834 - Account and system management pages may not render correctly9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9216 for Solution 227494 - Reverses Hotfix 8784 When Older Versions of SQL Server Not Working 9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9248 for Solution 233364 - If any DPAs are in a failed state, any PSM or PPM work will be redirected to the next available DPA 9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9278v2 for Solution 228453 - PSM session deadlocks and problems canceling sessions9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9281 for Solution 230712 - Do not change password after Requests check box on password change profiles is not working with manually managed accounts9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9293 for Solution 229005 - TPAM performance slow downs as a result of PSM archive delete failures 9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9303 for Solution 228693 - When generating a new web certificate request, clicking the Download Now button results in an error9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9314 for Solution 230717 - Generic Auto-Discovery is truncating network addresses at 35 characters9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9475 for Solution 233187 - The lsof -i4 -n -P option is removed from the list of commands used to list network connections on the target system during PSM Event Capture9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9483 for Solution 233134 - Intermittent error when retrieving password through cache server 9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9558v8 for Solution 242700 - Timeouts and slow performance when querying accounts available for PSM requests9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9672 for Solution 233130 - HP ILO2 platform not working using DSS Keys 9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9690 for Solution 233344 - CLI/API users were accessing a failed over replica while it was in the failback process9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9697 for Solution 234230 - Not able to use the TPAM Sybase platform for password check and change of SAP ASE 169/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9947 for Solution 242150 - Daily Maintenance job is reporting failures when attempting to hard delete systems during the purge trash step.9/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 9983 for Solution 238821 - Secret for a Defender or Radius system contain problematic character sequences can no longer edit configuration page9/11/2020
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