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Identity Manager 9.0 LTS - Administration Guide for Connecting to Google Workspace

Mapping a Google Workspace environment in One Identity Manager Synchronizing a Google Workspace customer
Setting up initial synchronization of a Google Workspace customer Customizing the synchronization configuration for Google Workspace Running synchronization Tasks following synchronization Troubleshooting Ignoring data error in synchronization Pausing handling of target system specific processes (Offline mode)
Managing Google Workspace user accounts and employees
Account definitions for Google Workspace user accounts Assigning employees automatically to Google Workspace user accounts Manually linking employees to Google Workspace user accounts Supported user account types Specifying deferred deletion for Google Workspace user accounts
Login information for Google Workspace user accounts Managing Google Workspace entitlement assignments Mapping of Google Workspace objects in One Identity Manager
Google Workspace customers Google Workspace user accounts Google Workspace groups Google Workspace products and SKUs Google Workspace organizations Google Workspace domains Google Workspace domain aliases Google Workspace admin roles Google Workspace admin privileges Google Workspace admin role assignments Google Workspace external email addresses Reports about Google Workspace objects
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Editing main data of Google Workspace customers

To edit the main data of a customer

  1. In the Manager, select the Google Workspace > Google Workspace customers category.

  2. Select the customer in the result list.

  3. Select the Change main data task.

  4. Edit the main data of the customer.

  5. Save the changes.
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General main data of Google Workspace customers

On the General tab, you enter the following main data:

Table 24: General main data of Google Workspace customers



Google Workspace customer

Unique ID of the Google Workspace customer.

Customer primary domain

Name of this customer's primary domain.

Customer creation time

Time at which the customer was created.

Alternative email address

Second email address for the customer. This email address must not be in the customer's domain.


Customer's telephone number in E.164 format.


Unique country ID.


Name of the language.

Account definition (initial)

Initial account definition for creating user accounts. This account definition is used if automatic assignment of employees to user accounts is used for this customer and if user accounts are to be created that are already managed (Linked configured). The account definition's default manage level is applied.

User accounts are only linked to the employee (Linked) if no account definition is given. This is the case on initial synchronization, for example.

Target system managers

Application role in which the customer's target system managers are defined. Target system managers only edit objects from customers to whom they are assigned. A different target system manager can be assigned to each customer.

Select the One Identity Manager application role whose members are responsible for the administration of this customer. Use the button to add a new application role.

Synchronized by

Type of synchronization through which data is exchanged between the customer and One Identity Manager. You can no longer change the synchronization type once objects for this customer are present in One Identity Manager.

If you create a customer with the Synchronization Editor, it uses One Identity Manager.

Table 25: Permitted values
Value Synchronization by Provisioned by

One Identity Manager

Google Workspace connector

Google Workspace connector

No synchronization



NOTE: If you select No synchronization, you can define custom processes to exchange data between One Identity Manager and the target system.
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Google Workspace customer address data

On the Postal address tab, enter the following main data:

Table 26: Google Workspace customer address data



Organization name

Name of the organization for the customer's postal address.

Name of contact person

Customer's contact person.

Address line 1-3

Customer's postal address.


Region of the postal address


City of the postal address

Zip code

Zip code of the postal address

Defining categories for the inheritance of Google Workspace entitlements

In One Identity Manager, user accounts can selectively inherit entitlements. To do this, entitlements, and user accounts are divided into categories. The categories can be freely selected and are specified using a mapping rule. Each category is given a specific position within the template. The mapping rule contains different tables. Use the user account table to specify categories for target system dependent user accounts. In the other tables, enter your categories for the permissions. Each table contains the category positions position 1 to position 63.

To define a category

  1. In the Manager, select the customer in the Google Workspace > Customers category.

  2. Select the Change main data task.

  3. Switch to the Mapping rule category tab.

  4. Extend the relevant roots of a table.

  5. To enable the category, double-click .

  6. Enter a category name of your choice for user accounts and groups and products and SKUs in the login language that you use.

  7. Save the changes.
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