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Identity Manager 9.0 LTS - Administration Guide for Connecting to Google Workspace

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Configuring synchronization with Google Workspace customers

The synchronization project for initial synchronization provides a workflow for initial loading of target system objects (initial synchronization) and one for provisioning object modifications from the One Identity Manager database to the target system (provisioning). To use One Identity Manager as the primary system during synchronization, you also require a workflow with synchronization in the direction of the Target system.

To create a synchronization configuration for synchronizing the customer

  1. In the Synchronization Editor, open the synchronization project.

  2. Check whether the existing mappings can be used to synchronize into the target system. Create new maps if required.

  3. Create a new workflow with the workflow wizard.

    This creates a workflow with Target system as its direction of synchronization.

  4. Create a new start up configuration. Use the new workflow to do this.

  5. Save the changes.
  6. Run a consistency check.

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Configuring synchronization of different Google Workspace customers

In some circumstances, you can use a synchronization project to synchronize different customers.


  • The customer target systems schema are identical.

  • All virtual schema properties used in the mapping must exist in the customer's extended schemas.

  • The connection parameters to the target system are defined as variables.

To customize a synchronization project for synchronizing another customer

  1. Supply a user in the customer with sufficient permissions for accessing Google Workspace.

  2. In the Synchronization Editor, open the synchronization project.

  1. Create a new base object for the other customer.

    • Use the wizard to attach a base object.

    • In the wizard, select the Google Workspace connector.

    • Declare the connection parameters. The connection parameters are saved in a special variable set.

    A start up configuration is created that uses the newly created variable set.

  2. Change other elements of the synchronization configuration as required.

  3. Save the changes.
  4. Run a consistency check.

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Updating schemas

All the schema data (schema types and schema properties) of the target system schema and the One Identity Manager schema are available when you are editing a synchronization project. Only a part of this data is really needed for configuring synchronization. If a synchronization project is finished, the schema is compressed to remove unnecessary data from the synchronization project. This can speed up the loading of the synchronization project. Deleted schema data can be added to the synchronization configuration again at a later point.

If the target system schema or the One Identity Manager schema has changed, these changes must also be added to the synchronization configuration. Then the changes can be added to the schema property mapping.

To include schema data that have been deleted through compression and schema modifications in the synchronization project, update each schema in the synchronization project. This may be necessary if:

  • A schema was changed by:

    • Changes to a target system schema

    • Customizations to the One Identity Manager schema

    • A One Identity Manager update migration

  • A schema in the synchronization project was shrunk by:

    • Enabling the synchronization project

    • Saving the synchronization project for the first time

    • Compressing a schema

To update a system connection schema

  1. In the Synchronization Editor, open the synchronization project.

  2. Select the Configuration > Target system category.

    - OR -

    Select the Configuration > One Identity Manager connection category.

  3. Select the General view and click Update schema.

  4. Confirm the security prompt with Yes.

    This reloads the schema data.

To edit a mapping

  1. In the Synchronization Editor, open the synchronization project.

  2. Select the Mappings category.

  3. Select a mapping in the navigation view.

    Opens the Mapping Editor. For more information about mappings, see the One Identity Manager Target System Synchronization Reference Guide.

NOTE: The synchronization is deactivated if the schema of an activated synchronization project is updated. Reactivate the synchronization project to synchronize.

Speeding up synchronization with revision filtering

Synchronization with Google Workspace does not support revision filtering.

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