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Identity Manager 9.2 - Help Desk Module User Guide

Organizational main data for support teams

Enter the following organizational main data.

Table 11: Organizational main data of a support team
Property Description


Department to which the team is assigned.


Location to which the team is assigned.

Cost center

Cost center to which the team is assigned.

Office mailbox

Office mailbox.

Custom main data for support teams

Enter any custom master data. Use the Designer to customize display names, formats, and templates for the input fields.

Table 12: Custom main data for a support team
Property Description

Spare field no. 01 ... Spare field no. 10

Additional company-specific information.

Adding staff to support teams

Assign the staff to the support teams. Membership in support teams determines the tickets displayed for the currently logged in help desk staff member. All the tickets that a staff member has processed, and the tickets that other members of their support team have processed, are displayed.

To add staff to a support team

  1. In the Manager, select the Help desk > Basic configuration data > Support team category.

  2. Select the support team in the result list and run the Assign identities task.

    In the Add assignments pane, add identities.

    TIP: In the Remove assignments pane, you can remove assigned identities.

    To remove an assignment

    • Select the identity and double-click .

  3. Save the changes.
Related topics

Handling tickets

Tickets can be added for:

  • The identity that reports the problem

  • Products that have contract conditions specified

  • Device that caused the problem

  • Workdesk that caused the problem

In the Manager, tickets are filtered in the Helpdesk category according to different criteria. The logged in support team member views all the tickets they have to process and as well as the tickets of their support team.

There are also filters defined that trigger particular actions when they come into effect, for example, checking ticket activity. If the specified time limit is exceeded, the ticket wanders from the In limit filter to the At the limit filter and so on. You can implement company-specific filters. These do not have a time limit but can refer to priorities, status, products, problem type or a member of support.

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