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Identity Manager 9.2 - Help Desk Module User Guide

Custom main data for tickets

Enter any custom master data. Use the Designer to customize display names, formats, and templates for the input fields.

Table 16: Customized main data
Property Description

Spare field no. 01 ... Spare field no. 10

Additional company-specific information.

Creating ticket attachments

Table 17: Configuration parameters for ticket attachments
Configuration parameter Meaning

Helpdesk | Attachment | CreatePathScript

Script for creating the attachments directory. An example implementation is in the VI_AE_CreateAttachmentPath script.

Helpdesk | Attachment | DialogScript

Script for generating the directory path for tickets repository. An example implementation is in the VI_AE_GetAttachmentPath script.

Helpdesk | Attachment | RootPath

Root path for ticket attachments, such as \\SERV01\Attachments.

You can store attachments with a ticket. Specify the path to the attachments directory in the Helpdesk | Attachment | RootPath configuration parameter. When a ticket is saved, a directory is added that is named by the internal ticket number.

Edit the configuration parameters in the Designer.

To edit an attachment

  1. In the Manager, select the Help desk category and select a filter.

  2. Select the ticket in the result list and run the Attachments task.

    This opens the attachment directory. You can add, show, and edit files in this directory.

  3. Save the changes.

Creating and displaying ticket history

In order to follow though incoming tickets, a history is available which shows each step in the help desk procedure and the measures that were taken.

  • In the Designer, set the Helpdesk | TroubleHistory configuration parameter.

    The ticket history is written only if this configuration parameter is set. An entry is created in the ticket history for each action.

To display a ticket's history

  1. In the Manager, select the Helpdesk category and choose a filter.

  2. Select the ticket in the result list and run the Attachments task.

    You can view detailed information for each entry, the support team member and the measures taken for the call.

Creating a knowledge base

You have the option to build up a knowledge base of reported tickets. The thesaurus serves as a catalog where tickets are combined under a particular term. The terms that are used do not have to be included in the ticket description.

To define an item for the knowledge base

  1. In the Manager, select the Help desk > Basic configuration data > Thesaurus category.

  2. Click in the result list.

  3. Enter an item in the thesaurus.

  4. Save the changes.

To display the knowledge base

  • In the Manager, select the Help Desk > Knowledge base category.

    Here you can see the tickets that are assigned to an item.

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