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Quick Connect Sync Engine 6.1 - Administrator Guide

One Identity Quick Connect Overview Deploying One Identity Quick Connect Sync Engine Getting started Connections to external data systems Synchronizing identity data Mapping objects Automated password synchronization Synchronization history Scenarios of use Appendices

Rule-based generation of distinguished names

One Identity Quick Connect Sync Engine lets you create flexible rules for generating the distinguished names (DNs) of objects being provisioned. These rules allow you to ensure that objects created during provisioning operations are named in full compliance with the naming conventions existing in your organization.

Scheduling capabilities

You can schedule the execution of data synchronization operations and automatically perform them on a regular basis to satisfy your company’s policy and save time and effort.


To access external data systems One Identity Quick Connect Sync Engine employs special connectors. A connector enables One Identity Quick Connect Sync Engine to read and synchronize the identity data contained in a particular data system. Out of the box, One Identity Quick Connect Sync Engine includes built-in connectors that allow you to connect to the following data systems:

  • ActiveRoles Server
  • One Identity Manager

To connect One Identity Quick Connect Sync Engine to other supported data systems, you need to obtain and install one or more special Quick Connect packages (also known as bundles) providing connectors for accessing these data systems. For more information on the Quick Connect Packages and download, visit or contact your account representative.

In case no ready-made connector is available for your data system, you can develop and implement your own custom connector. One Identity Quick Connect Sync Engine provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) containing documentation and samples for developing and implementing custom connectors.

Technical overview

Quick Connect environment comprises One Identity Quick Connect Sync Engine, Capture Agents, connected data systems, connectors, connections, and synchronization workflows.

The following illustration shows how Quick Connect synchronizes data between connected data systems.

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