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One Identity Starling Hosted - User Guide

One Identity Hybrid Subscription


Introduction to One Identity Hybrid Subscription

The One Identity Hybrid Subscription service is used for viewing the One Identity products you have joined to your Starling organization via a Hybrid subscription. The service is only available in a Starling organization for users that have purchased a Hybrid subscription to one or more Starling services, along with a valid license for a One Identity product eligible to join with Starling. Joining Starling from an eligible One Identity product does not always require a Hybrid subscription.

General information regarding your joined products and links to information regarding the process for joining products is displayed at the top of the page.

NOTE: In order to join a product with your Starling organization via a Hybrid subscription, you must be an administrator or collaborator for the Hybrid subscription, or an organization admin for the Starling organization. See Inviting an administrator to a service for information on adding an administrator to One Identity Hybrid Subscription and Adding additional collaborators for information on adding a collaborator to One Identity Hybrid Subscription.

Products view

The Products view is displayed by default and when the Products tab is clicked on the One Identity Hybrid page. The Products view is used for viewing information on the products currently associated with your One Identity Hybrid Subscription service.

The following information and options appear on this view:

NOTE: If you have not yet joined a One Identity product with your Starling organization and would like more information regarding this service, click the Find out more about how to join to Starling link.

(Product name)

The name of the joined One Identity product.

<nn> instance(s)

The number of product instances that were joined to Starling.

Clicking this button displays additional information about each product instance.

  • Instance Name: The name of the joined instance.
  • Date Joined: The date the instance was joined to Starling.
  • Joined By: The name of the user that joined the instance to Starling.

Collaborators view

The Collaborators view is displayed when the Collaborators tab is clicked on the One Identity Hybrid page. The Collaborators view is used for adding and managing the collaborators currently associated with One Identity Hybrid Subscription. These collaborators are able to join products to Starling.

The following field and button appear on this view:

Invite Collaborator

This opens the Invite Collaborator dialog so you can add new collaborators to One Identity Hybrid Subscription.

This field is used to locate specific collaborators within the Collaborator table. To use the field, start typing the name or email of the collaborator in the field and the table will automatically update to display users that match.

The following information and button appears in the Collaborator table on this page:


This displays the name specified in the collaborator invite.


This displays the email address to which the collaborator invite was sent.


This displays the status of the user. When a user is added they will be marked as Invited until the invitation has been accepted, at which point the Status column will update to display Registered.

This button appears for each collaborator and is used for managing the collaborator and removing collaborators from the service.

NOTE: You are unable to remove yourself as a collaborator, and if you are an administrator for the service then only another administrator can remove your administrator role. Coordinate with other administrators before making edits to their roles to avoid removing each other as administrators.

NOTE: Until an invite has been accepted, the following options are available when clicking the button:

  • Re-send Invitation: Selecting this option will re-send the invitation.
  • Cancel Invitation: Selecting this option will cancel the invitation. The invited user will not be notified that the invitation was canceled; however, when logged in they will be unable to access the service.
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