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Identity Manager - Download Software

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Customers under current support maintenance contract can download their relevant installation below


Release Date Download
Identity Manager 8.0.1 Hotfix 29330 & 30040 for Solution 261092 - Multiple Fixes 8/31/2018
Identity Manager 8.0.1 Hotfix 29700 for Solution 260265 - Flag "IsDefault" and "IsHome" should always be set for email addresses in SAPCOMSMTP when only one email address exists8/20/2018
Identity Manager 8.0.1 Hotfix 29723 for Solution 260266 - Error when creating a synchronization project for Exchange 2010 if the creating user is using Turkish language settings8/20/2018
Identity Manager 8.0.1 Hotfix 29730 for Solution 260267 - The native database connector cannot insert objects with text columns that contain brace-left or brace-right8/20/2018
Identity Manager 8.0.1 Hotfix 29734 for Solution 261086 - Error converting the parameter value for base date8/30/2018
Identity Manager 8.0.1 Hotfix 29747 for Solution 260268 - Deleting memberships in SAPUserInSAPRole not corrected in HelperSAPUserInSAPRole8/30/2018
Identity Manager 8.0.1 Hotfix 29784 for Solution 260269 - Procedure QBM_PSplittedElementProcess does not allow to replace to an empty string8/20/2018
Identity Manager 8.0.1 Hotfix 29789 for Solution 260270 - Using a distinct schema class the object filter is not working8/20/2018
Identity Manager 8.0.1 Hotfix 29802 for Solution 260271 - The "LargeInt-to-Date" conversion fails for out of range date values8/20/2018
Identity Manager 8.0.1 Hotfix 29809 for Solution 260272 - Error when saving a .NET DateTime.MaxValue to the database8/20/2018
Identity Manager 8.0.1 Hotfix 29916 for Solution 260273 - Different request properties for service category (AccProductGroup) and service item (AccProduct) are displayed within the same dialog box8/20/2018
Identity Manager 8.0.1 Hotfix 30076 for Solution 260274 - Too many recalculations for group memberships when attributes of a group are changed8/20/2018
Identity Manager 8.0.1 Hotfix 30148 for Solution 261090 - In some situations the ITShop request gets stuck on calculated steps like CD or CR8/30/2018
Identity Manager 8.0.1 Hotfix 30426 for Solution 262259 - SCIM Connector10/25/2018
Identity Manager 8.0.1 Hotfix for Solution 255557 - System script fails to compile with .NET framework version 4.7.27/13/2018
Identity Manager 8.0.1 Hotfix for Solution 259490 - Lucene index does not work in Windows FIPS mode7/13/2018
Identity Manager 8.0.1 install set patch for Solution 255557 - System script fails to compile with .NET framework version 4.7.29/6/2018
Identity Manager 8.0.1 Starling Connect for Solution 260185 8/15/2018
IM 8.0.1 Hotfix for Solution 263513 - Microsoft's Security Update for Windows Server of October 2018 introduced issue with removing parent domain group members from Universal groups in child domains11/8/2018