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Identity Manager - Download Software

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Customers under current support maintenance contract can download their relevant installation below


Release Date Download
Identity Manager - Healthcare Systems Module 1.01/19/2021
Identity Manager - LDAPX Module 2.1.08/20/2020
Identity Manager - Password Capture Agent 12/14/2021
Identity Manager 8.1.2 Cloud HR Systems Module 1.21/18/2021
Identity Manager 8.1.x Language Pack2/14/2020


Release Date Download
Identity Manager 8.1.2 Hotfix 256827 for Solution 328284 - User account mapping to Employee issue if matching criteria field contains NULL 11/16/2020
Identity Manager 8.1.2 Hotfix 259867 for Solution 329667 - EPCUser table missing read permissions for users12/10/2020
Identity Manager 8.1.2 Hotfix 260982 for Solution 330169 – External ID will be used to uniquely identify Epic EMP Users, EMPTemplates and SubTemplates in Epic Target System1/14/2021
Identity Manager 8.1.2 Hotfix 33085 and 33040 for Solution 319118 - Custom components not displayed in Components view of Webdesigner6/18/2020