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Active Roles 7.5.3 - Evaluation Guide

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Add a text box to the user creation page

Perform the following steps to add the Telephone number field on the Web page for user creation.

To add the field to the form for user account creation

  1. Connect to the Web Interface for Administrators: Open your Web browser and navigate to http://localhost/ARWebAdmin.
  2. On the Web Interface Home page, click Customization.
  3. On the Customization page that appears, click Customization Tasks.

    This displays a list of object types. Each object type is linked with a list of commands, referred to as a menu. When you manage an object in the Web Interface, the menu linked with the type of that object provides the commands to perform management tasks. Since you want to customize the behavior of the user creation command, you should access the menu containing that command—the menu linked with the Container object type.

    NOTE: The Customization option is unavailable unless you are logged on as Active Roles Admin.

  1. In the list of object types, click Container.
  2. In the list of commands, click New User.
  3. In the right pane of the Web Interface page, click Edit Form.

    This opens the form in the Form Editor. The Form Editor provides you with a central place to add, remove, or modify tabs and entries, as well as to change the order of tabs and entries on the form.

    In the Web Interface, the user creation task is divided into a series of steps. Therefore the form includes several tabs, with each tab being used to perform a particular step. You are going to add a field to the General tab.

  1. On the toolbar in the Form Editor, point to Add Entry and click Create.

    This displays a list of properties. You can select the property you want to manage by using the new entry.

  1. In the list of properties, click Telephone Number. Click Next.

    This displays the page where you can set the name of the entry. The entry name is used to label the field on the form.

  1. Specify Telephone number as the entry name, and click Finish.

    This displays the entries disposed on the General tab. The tab now includes the Telephone number entry. For these changes to take effect, they must be saved, and then the Web Interface configuration data must be reloaded.

  1. Click Save, and then click Reload on the message bar that appears at the top of the Form Editor page.

    NOTE: You can undo the changes you have made: In the leftmost pane of the Web Interface page, click to expand the Customization item, and then click Restore Default.

Test the user creation page

After you complete the steps in the previous section, you can use the Web Interface for Administrators to verify that the new field is added to the user creation page.

To verify the configuration of the user creation page

  1. Go to the Web Interface Home page.
  2. In the Search box on the header of the Web Interface page, type the name of the OU where you want to create the user, and then press Enter.
  3. In the list of search results, click the name of the OU.
  4. In the right pane of the Web Interface page, click New User.
  5. Review the New User wizard: The General page now includes the Telephone Number field.

NOTE: You can also use the Customize link to add and remove user interface elements from the form. This link is equivalent to the command Edit Form.

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