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Cloud Access Manager 8.1.3 - How To Configure vWorkspace Integration


This guide describes how to configure Cloud Access Manager to communicate with a vWorkspace server to display vWorkspace resources on the Cloud Access Manager Application Portal. In this way vWorkspace integration seamlessly brings application virtualization to Cloud Access Manager.

NOTE: vWorkspace integration requires vWorkspace 8.0 MR1 Hotfix 362760.

For information on configuring Cloud Access Manager, please refer to the One Identity Cloud Access Manager Configuration Guide.



Cloud Access Manager requires access to the vWorkspace Web Access service. To provide access to vWorkspace applications for external users, you must install the vWorkspace Secure Gateway in your perimeter network (DMZ). Please refer to the vWorkspace documentation for installing the Web Access service and Secure Gateway.

Before users can access vWorkspace applications using the Cloud Access Manager Application Portal, the vWorkspace client application must be installed on their client computers. Please refer to the vWorkspace Administration Guide for details on how to deploy vWorkspace connectors to client devices.


The following diagram shows a recommended deployment architecture in which a Cloud Access Manager host links to vWorkspace apps for internal and external users.

Enabling vWorkspace integration

By default, vWorkspace integration is not enabled in Cloud Access Manager.

To enable vWorkspace integration

  1. Log in to the Administration Console, navigate to the Settings page and click Turn Features On/Off.
  2. Select the Enable vWorkspace integration check box.
  3. Complete the vWorkspace Web Access URL field.

Optionally, select the roles that are allowed to access vWorkspace applications. By default, all Cloud Access Manager users will have access. However, you can restrict access to users who belong to a specific role.

NOTE: The vWorkspace Web Access URL must start with Secure HTTP (https).

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