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Identity Manager On Demand Hosted - IT Shop Administration Guide

Setting up an IT Shop solution
One Identity Manager users in the IT Shop Implementing the IT Shop Using the IT Shop with the Application Governance Module Requestable products Preparing products for requesting Assigning and removing products Preparing the IT Shop for multi-factor authentication Assignment requests Delegations Creating IT Shop requests from existing user accounts, assignments, and role memberships Adding system entitlements automatically to the IT Shop Deleting unused application roles for product owners
Approval processes for IT Shop requests
Approval policies for requests Approval workflows for requests Determining the effective approval policies Selecting responsible approvers Request risk analysis Testing requests for rule compliance Approving requests from an approver Automatically approving requests Approval by peer group analysis Gathering further information about a request Appointing other approvers Escalating an approval step Approvers cannot be established Automatic approval on timeout Halting a request on timeout Approval by the chief approval team Approving requests with terms of use Using default approval processes
Request sequence Managing an IT Shop
IT Shop base data Setting up IT Shop structures Setting up a customer node Deleting IT Shop structures Templates for automatically filling the IT Shop Custom mail templates for notifications Request templates Recommendations and tips for transporting IT Shop components with the Database Transporter
Troubleshooting errors in the IT Shop Configuration parameters for the IT Shop Request statuses Examples of request results

Reminding approvers

If an approver has not made a decision by the time the reminder timeout expires, notification can be sent by email as a reminder. The approvers working hours are taken into account when the time is calculated.


  • The QER | ITShop | MailTemplateIdents | RequestApproverByCollection configuration parameter is not set.

To set up the notification procedure

  • Enter the following data for the approval step.

    • Reminder after (minutes):

      Number of minutes to elapse after which the approver is notified by mail that there are still pending requests for approval. The input is converted into working hours and displayed additionally.

      NOTE: Ensure that a state, county, or both is entered into the employee's main data of determining the correct working hours. If this information is missing, a fallback is used to calculate the working hours. For more information about calculating employees' working hours, see the One Identity Manager Identity Management Base Module Administration Guide.

      TIP: Weekends and public holidays are taken into account when working hours are calculated. If you want weekends and public holidays to be dealt with in the same way as working days, set the QBM | WorkingHours | IgnoreHoliday or QBM | WorkingHours | IgnoreWeekend configuration parameter. For more information about this, see the One Identity Manager Configuration Guide.

      If more than one approver was found, each approver will be notified. The same applies if an additional approver has been assigned.

      If an approver delegated the approval, the time point for reminding the delegation recipient is recalculated. The delegation recipient and all the other approvers are notified. The original approver is not notified.

      If an approver has made an inquiry, the time point for reminding the queried employee is recalculated. As long as the inquiry has not been answered, only this employee is notified.

    • Mail template reminder: Select the IT Shop request - remind approver mail template.

      TIP: To allow approval by email, select the IT Shop Request - remind approver (by email) mail template.

NOTE: You can schedule demands for approval to send a general notification if there are requests pending. This replaces single demands for approval at each approval step.

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Scheduled demand for approval

Approvers can be regularly notified of requests that are pending. These regular notifications replace the individual prompts and approval reminders that are configured in the approval step.

To send regular notifications about pending requests

  1. Enable the QER | ITShop | MailTemplateIdents | RequestApproverByCollection configuration parameter in the Designer.

    By default, a notification is sent with the IT Shop request - pending requests for approver mail template.

    TIP: To use something other than the default mail template for these notifications, change the value of the configuration parameter in the Designer.

  2. In the Designer, configure and enable the Inform approver about pending requests schedule.

    For detailed information, see One Identity Manager Operational Guide.

Sequence for limited requests

A recipient keeps a product on the shelf up to a specific point in time when they unsubscribe the products again. Sometimes, however, products are only required for a certain length of time and can be canceled automatically. The recipient is notified by email before the expiry date is reached and has the option to renew the request.

To set up the notification procedure

  1. In the Designer, set the QER | ITShop | ValidityWarning configuration parameter and enter the warning period (in days) for expiring requests.

  2. In the Designer, configure and activate the Reminder for IT Shop requests that expire soon schedule.

  3. Enter the following data for the approval policy:

    • Mail template expired: Select the mail template to be used for the email notification. The default installation provides the IT Shop request - product expires and IT Shop request - expired mail templates.

  4. Save the changes.
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Approving or denying request approval

When a request is granted approval or denied, the request recipient is notified by email. Notification may occur after approval or denial of a single approval step or once the entire approval process is complete. Requests can be automatically granted or denied approval once a specified time period has expired. The recipient is notified in the same way in this case.

To set up the notification procedure

  • If notification should be sent immediately after an approval decision is made for a single approval step, enter the following data on the Mail templates tab of the approval step.

    • Mail template approved: IT Shop request - approval granted for approval step

    • Mail template denied: IT Shop request - approval not granted for approval step

  • Enter the following data in the approval policy when notification should immediately follow the approval decision of the entire approval process:

    • Mail template approved: IT Shop request - approval granted

    • Mail template denied: IT Shop request - approval not granted

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