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Identity Manager 8.0.1 - Chargeback Administration Guide

Accounting Data
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Assigning Object Dependent References

Assigning Object Dependent References

NOTE: This task is only available if the configuration parameter "QER\ITShop" is set.

Object dependent references can be assigned to service categories. Use object dependent references to configure your Web Portal with the Web Designer. All object dependent references whose type references the table AccProductGroup can be assigned.

To assign object dependent references to a service category

  1. Select the category Accounting | Service categories.

    - OR -

    Select the category Accounting | Service catalog.

  2. Select the service category in the result list.
  3. Select Assign Object Dependent Referencesin the task view.
  4. Assign object dependent references in Add assignments.

    - OR -

    Remove the object dependent references in Remove assignments.

  5. Save the changes.
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Vouchers and Voucher Items

Vouchers are overviews of bookable IT services. Each of the services are added as voucher items in a voucher. For example, applications assigned to an employee or scheduled measurement of mailbox sizes can be consolidated in one voucher item. It is also possible to include data from external data sources for making vouchers. Vouchers are initially merely entered in One Identity Manager because accounting methods and the bookable amounts vary between companies. One action which is independent of this and can be customized is grouping and evaluation of receipts or other vouchers.

You can group voucher items automatically using One Identity Manager. To do this, the One Identity Manager Service offers a process component, which you can use to collect and process vouchers and voucher items. One Identity Manager also offers the option to link report generation into the accounting procedure.

To make vouchers for bookable IT services

  1. Create vouchers in the Manager.
  2. Define processes to put together the vouchers automatically.
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Entering Vouchers

Entering Vouchers

To edit a voucher

  1. Select the category Accounting | Vouchers.
  2. Select the target voucher in the result list.


    Click in the result list toolbar.

  3. Select Change master data in the task view.
  4. Edit the voucher's master data.
  5. Save the changes.

General Master Data for Vouchers

General Master Data for Vouchers

Enter the following properties on the General tab:

Table 15: General Master Data for Vouchers
Property Description
Voucher number Number or ID of the voucher.
Voucher date Data of the voucher.
Voucher type Select a voucher type from the menu.
Voucher number (external) Customer or supplier's voucher number if the voucher was imported.
Contract Supplier's contract reference number.
Purchase price Purchase price.
Sales price Sales price.
Internal price Internal transfer price.
Currency Currency unit
Comment Spare text box for additional explanation.
Booked Specifies whether the voucher has been processed or not.
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