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Identity Manager 8.0.1 - Chargeback Administration Guide

Accounting Data
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Installed Module: Attestation Module

In One Identity Manager, you can specify, which employees are used as attestors for service items and service categories in attestation cases if the approval workflow is set up accordingly. To do this, assign a service item or a service category to an attestor's application role. Assign employees that are authorized to attest accounting data to this application role. A default application role for attestors is available in One Identity Manager. You may create other application roles as required.

For more detailed information about implementing and editing application roles, see the One Identity Manager Application Roles Administration Guide.

Table 10: Default Application Roles for Attestors
User Task

Attestors for IT Shop

Attestors must be assigned to the application role Request & Fulfillment | IT Shop | Attestors.

Users with this application role:

  • Attest correct assignment of company resource to IT Shop structures for which they are responsible.
  • Can view master data for these IT Shop structures but not edit them.

NOTE: This application role is available if the module Attestation Module is installed.

To specify attestors

  1. Select the category Accounting | Basic configuration data | Attestors.
  2. Select Assign employees in the task view.
  3. Assign employees in Add assignments.

    - OR -

    Remove employees from Remove assignments.

  4. Save the changes.

Entering Service Items

Entering Service Items

In order to invoice company resources internally, a service item must be assigned to them. The price information is entered in the service item. Add a service item for every company resource to be invoiced. You can group individual service items into service categories.

To edit service items

  1. Select the category Accounting | Service items.
  2. Select the product's service item in the result list.

    - OR -

    Click in the result list toolbar.

  3. Select Change master data in the task view.
  4. Enter the service item's master data.
  5. Save the changes.

General Master Data for a Service Item

General Master Data for a Service Item

Enter the following data on the General tab: If you add a new service item, you must fill out the compulsory fields.

Table 11: General Master Data for a Service Item
Master Data Meaning
Service item Service item name
Special service item If a product is used for a specific purpose, for example, for product collection, then mark it as a special service item.
Service category Group individual products into a collection of products. Select an existing service category from the list or add a new one.

To create a new service category, click . Enter at least one name for the service item.

Product owners Assign a Request & Fulfillment | IT Shop | Product owners application role.

This property is only available if the configuration parameter "QER\ITShop" is set.

Attestors Assign Request & Fulfillment | IT Shop | Attestors to an application role.

The members of this application role can chosen as attestor in an attestation procedure.

To create a new application role, click . Enter the application role name and assign a parent application role.

Attestors can only be assigned if the configuration parameter "QER\ITShop" is set.

Cost center Cost center for booking the service item in the accounts.
Manufacturer Manufacturer data.
Terms of use Terms of use for the product. The product can only be requested if the requester has accepted the terms of use.

This property is only available if the configuration parameter "QER\ITShop" is set.

Request number, product code, product code (foreign). Company specific service item properties.
Activity supplied Select a activity from the menu.
Costing type Select a costing type from the menu.
Functional area

Company specific service item property.

Approval policies Approval policy used to determine the approver when the service item is requested from the IT Shop.

This property is only available if the configuration parameter "QER\ITShop" is set.

Request property Select the group for defining extended properties for a request. These request properties are displayed in the Web Portal depending on the configuration, requester or approver.

This property is only available if the configuration parameter "QER\ITShop" is set.

Calculation info Enter the calculation mode as accounting information.
Availability Company specific information about the service item‘s availability.
Sort order Customer specific criteria for sorting service items.
Web page Web page with more information about the service item.

This field allows you to link product descriptions in the internet or intranet to the service item. The web page is opened in the default browser when you select the task Visit website.

Validity period Time period for limited assignments through the IT Shop.

This property is only available if the configuration parameter "QER\ITShop" is set.

Description Spare text box for additional explanation.
Retain service item assignment on relocation Specifies whether requests belonging to this service item remain intact when a customer or a product relocates.

This property is only available if the configuration parameter "QER\ITShop" is set.

Not available Specifies whether the service item can still be requested in the IT Shop.

This property is only available if the configuration parameter "QER\ITShop" is set.

Request properties must be defined separately per recipient Specifies whether additional request properties must be entered separately for each recipient of this product, if the product is requested for different recipients in one request procedure.

If this option is not set, the selected requested properties apply uniformly to all recipients of the product.

This property is only available if the configuration parameter "QER\ITShop" is set.

Approval by multi-factor authentication The approval of requests with this service item requires multi-factor authentication.
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Pricing Information

Pricing Information

Enter the required pricing information for booking the service item to the accounts on the Calculation tab.

Table 12: Pricing for a Service Item
Property Description
Purchase price Purchase price.
Sales price Sales price.
Internal price Internal transfer price.
Rental rate (purchasing) Purchase price on product rental.
Rental rate (selling) Sales price on product rental
Rental rate (internal) Internal transfer price on product rental
Currency Currency unit
Sales tax Sale tax to apply in percent (%)
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