Identity Manager 8.0.2 - Release Notes

One Identity Manager 8.0.2

One Identity Manager 8.0.2

Release Notes

September 2018

These release notes provide information about the One Identity Manager release. For changes to the Web Designer and the Web Portal since the last version, see the document Web Designer and Web Portal Changes.

The documentation is available in both English and German. The following documents are only available in English:

  • One Identity Manager Password Capture Agent Administration Guide
  • One Identity Manager LDAP Connector for CA Top Secret Reference Guide
  • One Identity Manager LDAP Connector for IBM RACF Reference Guide
  • One Identity Manager LDAP Connector for IBM AS/400 Reference Guide
  • One Identity Manager LDAP Connector for CA ACF2 Reference Guide
  • One Identity Manager REST API Reference Guide
  • One Identity Manager Web Runtime Documentation
  • One Identity Manager Object Layer Documentation
  • One Identity Manager Composition API Object Model Documentation


About One Identity Manager 8.0.2

One Identity Manager simplifies the process of managing user identities, access permissions and security policies. You allow the company control over identity management and access decisions whilst the IT team can focus on their core competence.

With this product, you can:

  • Implement group management using self service and attestation for Active Directory with the One Identity Manager Active Directory Edition
  • Realize Access Governance demands cross-platform within your entire concern with One Identity Manager

Each one of these scenario specific products is based on an automation-optimized architecture that addresses major identity and access management challenges at a fraction of the complexity, time, or expense of "traditional" solutions.

One Identity Manager 8.0.2 is a patch release with new functionality and improved behavior. See Features and Enhancements.



New features in One Identity Manager 8.0.2:

Basic functionality
  • Supports Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2.

Target system connection
  • Support is provided for SQL Server databases to configure synchronization between two One Identity Manager databases with different versions. To configure synchronization, use the native database connector for SQL Server databases.

IT Service Management
  • ServiceNow integration with One Identity Manager. A new module has been introduced for the integration of ServiceNow, the ServiceNow module.

    • During an approval workflow sequence in One Identity Manager, the workflow can be passed to ServiceNow. One Identity Manager checks the ticket's status in ServiceNow until it closes. Then the approval workflow is continued by One Identity Manager.
    • Each time a request is added or changed in One Identity Manager. it causes a ticket to be added or changed in ServiceNow. This means that ServiceNow is the central hub for information about all requests.
    • Integration of the Web Portal request system in the ServiceNow portal.

    For integration to successfully authenticate a user, ServiceNow accounts (users) must have corresponding identities in One Identity Manager.

See also:



The following is a list of enhancements implemented in One Identity Manager 8.0.2.

Table 1: General


Issue ID

Improved performance calculating responsibilities.


Improved performance generating and testing email addresses in the Customizer.


Improved performance when encrypting a database.


Optimized processing of tasks in the DBQueue Processor.

29858, 30040, 30067, 30207

In a table's display name definition, one and the same column can be referenced several times.


Improved security against deserialization attacks.


Table 2: General - Web Designer and Web Portal


Issue ID

The maximum number of search results searching a grid column or search index, can be configured using a Web Designer configuration parameter. 29661

In the grid header, the options User can save view settings and display additional properties and Allow exporting of this grid can be set independently. You can configure whether the header is displayed or not.

NOTE: Custom grids must have this option set in order to hide the header.

There is a new action node in Web Designer, Child row load action on the Tree node type if the data source is a collection. The appropriate data can added to the collection in this action node. 29798
Improved filtering of requests in Web Portal. 30038
Search queries can be executed before the search index is completely built. 30053

Improved design of input fields for value with a maximum length.


A temporarily locked search index can be opened as read-only. 30065

Improved prevention of sandbox escapes.


Improved security against cross-site scripting attacks when reports are displayed.


The number of entries in combo boxes shown in Web Portal is not limited anymore. 30170
Table 3: Target system connection


Issue ID

Improved display of synchronization workflows in Designer handling provisioning process operations.


The variable set in use is also shown in the synchronization log navigation in the Synchronization Editor.


Optimized handling of schema properties during provisioning.


Entries in the synchronization log are deleted in bulk.


In the target system browser, it is possible to display system objects containing encrypted values.


Optimized loading of data in the system cache during synchronization.


Improved selection options for variable sets in the Synchronization Editor if a lot of variable sets are defined.


More detailed logging of QueryByExample query results.


The explanations about the object filter's syntax in the Synchronization Editor have been expanded.


Improved performance processing Active Directory DBQueue tasks.


Improved performance of provisioning in Microsoft Exchange 2013/2016.


A preferred domain controller for write operations can be configured in the connection parameters for Microsoft Exchange synchronization projects. This uses the variable CP_PreferredServer of the session option Set-ADServerSettings.

A patch with the patch ID VPR#30018 is available for synchronization projects.


Improved performance when add Notes user account in the target system.


Revision filtering can be used for synchronizing SAP user account communications data.

A patch with the patch ID VPR#29733 is available for synchronization projects.


Additional schema classes provided for SAP user account communication data (UserComPhone and UserComSMTP) where the validity date must be taken into account.


Improved performance provisioning access permission to central user administration child systems.


In SAP R/3 synchronization projects, the revision filter is reused in other synchronization steps.

A patch with the patch ID VPR#29877 is available for synchronization projects.


Improved performance provisioning memberships of SAP user accounts in SAP roles that are created through inheritance.


If you configure synchronization with a cloud application, credentials for OAuth authentication are always passed in the connection parameters as Base64 coded.


Various improvements connection One Identity Connect For Cloud application with the SCIM connector.

A patch with the patch ID VPR#30002 is available for synchronization projects.


Table 4: Identity and Access Governance


Issue ID

Improved performance accessing shopping carts.


Requests that are assigned as parent cart item (PersonWantsOrg.UID_PersonWantsOrgParent) of a request are ignored if closed requests are deleted but should not be deleted yet. 29732
Improved performance creating the report, Employee History Overview. 29898

See also:

Deprecated features

The following features are no longer supported with this version of One Identity Manager:

  • Provider mode, including the associated process component ObjectTransferComponent.

    The One Identity Manager connector can be used for transporting data between One Identity Manager databases. For more detailed information about synchronizing using the One Identity Manager connector, see the One Identity Manager User Guide for the One Identity Manager Connector.

  • Archiving historical data using XML files (version 8.0.1 or later)

    • The following configuration parameters have been removed: Common | ProcessState | ExportPolicy | ExportPath, Common | ProcessState | ExportPolicy | ExportServer , ProcessInfoImport | ImportPath, ProcessInfoImport | ImportServer, ProcessInfoImport | IgnoreDirectOperations and ProcessInfoImport.

    • The option FILE has been removed from the configuration parameter Common | ProcessState | ExportPolicy.

    • The schedules Export process information and Import process information have been removed.

    • The processes VID_Export_ProcessInfo and VI_ProcessInfo_Import have been removed.

    • The process tasks ExportProcessInfo and ImportProcessInfo have been removed from the process component ScriptComponent.

The following functions will be discontinued in later One Identity Manager versions and should no longer be utilized:

  • Oracle Database as database system for the One Identity Manager database (no longer available as of release One Identity Manager version 8.1)

    NOTE: Oracle Data Migrator is provided to help you convert the database system. You can obtain the tool and a quick guide from the support portal. To access the Support Portal, go to

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