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Identity Manager 8.0.5 - Chargeback Administration Guide

Accounting Data
One Identity Manager Users for Accounting Prerequisites for Accounting Basic Accounting Data Entering Service Items Entering Service Categories Vouchers and Voucher Items

Accounting Data

One Identity Manager allows you to settle the costs incurred of all internal and external IT services rendered by a company. Not only physical devices and software, leasing or rental, but also storage space for repositories and mailboxes or time related factors such as accrued help desk calls can be entered and invoiced.

Accounting of IT expenditure is a very company specific procedure. Therefore, the One Identity Manager accounting module provides a basic structure for entering, evaluating and invoicing accrued costs. It is important to customize this to suit your the company's needs.

One Identity Manager supports you with your question:

Who, when, what and how much to whom at which price?

One Identity Manager Users for Accounting

The following users are used for setting up and administration of accounting.

Table 1: User
User Task

One Identity Manager administrator

  • Create customized permissions groups for application roles for role-based login to administration tools in the Designer, as required.
  • Create system users and permissions groups for non-role based login to administration tools, as required.
  • Enable or disable additional configuration parameters in the Designer, as required.
  • Create custom processes in the Designer, as required.
  • Create and configures schedules, as required.
  • Create and configure password policies, as required.

Prerequisites for Accounting

One Identity Manager components are available for accounting if the configuration parameter "Accounting" is set.

  • Check whether the configuration parameter is set in the Designer. Otherwise, set the configuration parameter and compile the database.

Internal as well as external data sources can be used to invoice IT services supplies and their costs. All company resources stored in the One Identity Manager database are available as internal data source and the your price information. You can use a CSV file as an external data source, for example.

Price information is entered in the One Identity Manager database in the service items. Add a service item for every company resource to be invoiced. You can group individual service items into service categories.

The supplied services are grouped together in voucher for accounting. You can create voucher automatically or manually.

Related Topics

Compiling Price Information

All price information, whether purchase price, sales price or internal transfer price, relate to one unit of the given goods or services respectively. This applies to service items, service categories and voucher items. In the case of voucher items, item prices are also calculated from the amount and price. Item prices are rounded to 2 decimal places. The price supplies the voucher value for vouchers. This means they are the sum of the item prices of all the voucher's items.

Amounts are displayed by default to 3 decimal places, prices to 2 decimal places in the Manager. The number of decimal places to enter can be modified in the Designer.

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