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Identity Manager 8.0.5 - Operations Support Web Portal User Guide

Operations Support Web Portal

The Operations Support Web Portal was created with help desk employees in mind, who need support when executing tasks and process steps.

Employees that use the Operations Support Web Portal, must be assigned the application role Base roles | Operations support.

Users with this application role:

  • Monitor handling of Job queue processes.
  • Monitor handling of the DBQueue.
  • Create access codes.

The Operations Support Web Portal is an extension of the default Web Portal and uses its CSS files. A running Web Portal is prerequisite for usage.

For more detailed information about configuring the Operations Support Web Portal, see the One Identity Manager Installation Guide.

NOTE: All tiles can be enlarged using except for the System Status tile.

System Status

You can view the status of DBQueues or Job queues that are currently running, on the Operations Support Web Portal start page in the System Status tile. A tip informs you whether the database is or must be recompiled. You can also stop the DQQueue or the Job queue from running or restart it again.

Viewing the DBQueue Status

You can see whether the DBQueue is running in the System Status tile.

Table 1: Possible Status of DBQueue



The DBQueue is currently running.

The DBQueue is not running.

Viewing the Job Queue Status

The System Status tile shows a table with Job queues. The following information is provided in the table.

Table 2: Possible Status of Job Queue



The Job queue is currently running.

The Job queue is not running.

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