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Identity Manager 8.0 - Administration Guide for Connecting to Cloud Applications

Synchronizing Cloud Applications through the Universal Cloud Interface Setting up Synchronization with a Cloud Application Base Data for Managing Cloud Applications Cloud Applications Container Structures in a Cloud Application User Accounts in a Cloud Application Groups in a Cloud Application Permissions Controls in a Cloud Application Provisioning Object Changes Managing Provisioning Processes in the Web Portal Additional Information for Experts Appendix: Default Project Template for Cloud Applications

Additional Master Data for a User Account

You are provided with the following general master data for a user account.

Table 20: Additional Master Data for a User Account
Property Description
Cloud applicationClosed The user account's cloud application.
Form of address User's form of address.
First name The user’s first name.
Last name The user’s last name.
Full name Full name of the user account.
Initials The user’s initials.
Job description The user's job description.
Nickname Additional information about the user account.
Surname prefix A prefix to the user's surname, for example "von" or "de".
Display name User account display name.
Alias Alias for further identification of the user account.
Name User account identifier.
Container User account's container.
First primary group User account's primary group.
Second primary group Additional primary group for the user account. If there are groups with different group types in the cloud application, another primary groups can be assigned.
Email address User account's email address.
Email encoding Type of email encoding.
Account expiry date The date from which the user account can no longer be used to log in.
Resource type Type of the resource, for example, user.


Spare text box for additional explanation.

Login name Name the user uses for logging into the cloud application.
User account is disabled Specifies that the user account is locked.

User Account Login Data

Enter the following master data on the Login tab.

Table 21: User Account Login Data
Property Description
Password/Password confirmation Password for the user account.
Password last changed Date on which the password was last changed.
Last login Date and time of the last login to the cloud application.

Identification Tasks

Identification Tasks

You can find an employee's address information used by this user account, on the Identification tab.

Table 22: Identification Data for a User  Account
Property Description
Street Street or road.
Mailbox Mailbox.
Town City.
Zip code Zip code.
State State.
Country Country.
Address Formatted postal address.
Language culture Language and code identifier.
Time zones Timezone identifier.
Room Room.
Department Employee's department
Area Area the accounts belongs to.
Organization Organization the accounts belongs to.
Employee number Number for identifying the employee, in addition to their ID.
Employment Type of job.
Account manager Manager responsible for the user account.

Contact Data

You can find the information about the employee's contactability used by this user account, on the Contact tab.

Table 23: Contact Data for a User Account
Property Description
Phone Landline telephone number.
Mobile phone Mobile telephone number.
Website The user's website.
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