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Identity Manager 8.0 - Administration Guide for Connecting to IBM Notes

Managing IBM Notes Environments Setting up IBM Notes Synchronization Basic Configuration Data Notes Domains Notes Certificates Notes Templates Notes Policies Notes User Accounts Notes Groups Mail-In Databases Notes Servers Using AdminP Requests for Handling IBM Notes Processes Reports about Notes Domains Appendix: Configuration Parameters for Synchronization with a Notes Domain Appendix: Default Project Template for IBM Notes

Deleting Notes Groups

Deleting Notes Groups

To delete a group

  1. Select the category IBM Notes | Groups.
  2. Select the group in the result list.
  3. Click to delete the group.
  4. Confirm the security prompt with Yes.

The group is deleted completely from the One Identity Manager database and from IBM Notes.

Mail-In Databases

Mail-In Databases

To edit mail-in database master data

  1. Select the category IBM Notes | Mail-in DB.
  2. Select a mail-in database in the result list. Select Change master data in the task view.

    - OR -

    Click in the result list toolbar.

  3. Edit the mail-in database's master data.
  4. Save the changes.

Mail-In Database General Master Data

Mail-In Database General Master Data

Enter the following data for mail-in databases:

Table 56: General Master Data of a Mail-In Database
Property Description
Mail-in DB Name of the mail-in database.
Display name Display name for the mail-in database
Notes domain Domain in which the mail-in database is managed.
Notes server Full name of the Notes server where the mail-in database is stored.
Internet address SMTP address in format mailfile@organization.domain.
File Name File name and path for the mail-in database relative to the Domino directory.
Message storage Type of message storage.
Allow foreign directory synchronization Specifies whether entries in the mail-in database can be viewed in the foreign directory.
Encrypt incoming post Specifies whether incoming emails are encrypted.
Notes template Name of the template to use for creating the mail-in database.
Description Spare text box for additional explanation.

Additional Tasks for Mail-In Databases

After you have entered the master data, you can apply different tasks to it. The task view contains different forms with which you can run the following tasks.

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