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Identity Manager 8.0 - Administration Guide for Connecting to IBM Notes

Managing IBM Notes Environments Setting up IBM Notes Synchronization Basic Configuration Data Notes Domains Notes Certificates Notes Templates Notes Policies Notes User Accounts Notes Groups Mail-In Databases Notes Servers Using AdminP Requests for Handling IBM Notes Processes Reports about Notes Domains Appendix: Configuration Parameters for Synchronization with a Notes Domain Appendix: Default Project Template for IBM Notes

Appendix: Default Project Template for IBM Notes

Appendix: Default Project Template for IBM Notes

A default project template ensures that all required information is added in the One Identity Manager. This includes mappings, workflows and the synchronization base object. If you do not use a default project template you must declare the synchronization base object in One Identity Manager yourself.

Use a default project template for initially setting up the synchronization project. For custom implementations, you can extend the synchronization project with the .Synchronization EditorClosed

The template uses mappings for the following schema types.

Table 67: MappingClosed Notes schema types to tables in the One Identity Manager schema.
Schema typeClosed in IBM Notes Table in the One Identity Manager schema
AdminRequest NDOAdmin4
Certifier NDOCertifier
CertificateRequest NDOCertifierRequest
Database NDOMailInDB
CurrentDomain NDODomain
Group NDOGroup
Employee NDOUser
PolicyMaster NDOPolicy
PolicyArchive NDOPolicySetting
PolicyDesktop NDOPolicySetting
PolicyMail NDOPolicySetting
PolicyRegistration NDOPolicySetting
PolicySecurity NDOPolicySetting
PolicySetup NDOPolicySetting
Server NDOServer
Template NDOTemplate
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