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Identity Manager 8.0 - Administration Guide for the SAP R/3 Compliance Add-on

SAP Functions and Identity Audit Setting up a Synchronization Project for Synchronizing SAP Authorization Objects Base Data for SAP Functions Finding Non-compliant Authorizations Setting up SAP Functions Compliance Rules for SAP Functions Mitigating Controls Appendix: Configuration Parameters for SAP Functions Appendix: Default Project Templates for the SAP R/3 Compliance Add-on Module Appendix: Referenced SAP R/3 Tables and BAPI Calls

Applying Chosen Variables

Applying Chosen Variables

Variables used in SAP functions can be transferred to variable sets.

To transfer variables to a variable set

  1. Select the category Identity Audit | SAP functions | Variable sets.
  2. Select the variable set in the result list.
  3. Select Change master data in the task view.
  4. Select Apply chosen variables... in the task view.
  5. Mark all function definitions or working copies from which you want to copy the variables into the variable set.

    Multi-select is possible.

  6. Click OK to transfer the variables.

    All variable from the selected function definitions are add to the list of field variables.

  7. Edit the variables.
  8. Save the changes.

Plugins for SAP Functions

Plugins for SAP Functions

There are two plugins available for SAP functions. Run the plugins from the menu Plugins in the menu bar. You can use the plugins to swap existing SAP functions in the One Identity Manager database between different One Identity Manager databases.

Exporting Function Definitions

Exporting Function Definitions

To export all function definitions to a CSV file

  1. Select the category Identity Audit.
  2. Select the menu Plugins | Export all SAP function definitions...-
  3. Click Yes to only export working copies.

    - OR -

    Click No to only export activated SAP functions.

  4. Specify the file name and storage location for the CSV file.
  5. Click Save.

    All function definitions are written to file in sequence.

The following properties are exported:

Table 26: Exported Master Data for a Function Definition
Property Data field in the CSV file.
Name of the function definition Function
Assigned function category Process
Description Function Description
Significance Risk Level
Transactions Transaction
Authorization objects Object
Authorization fields Field
Description of authorization field. Field Description
Value/lower scope boundary Value From
Upper scope boundary Value To

The import status (State) is included with each data record in the CSV file as additional information. The import status is set to "1" by default on export. This data is evaluated when function definitions are imported.

NOTE: SAP function supervisors can only export those function definitions for which they are responsible, as entered in the master data.
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Importing Function Definitions

Importing Function Definitions

A plugin is available to import SAP functions from an existing CSV file. The functions definitions contained in the CSV file are transferred to the database as working copies. The following data fields must be in the CSV file so that function definitions can be imported.

Table 27: Data Fields for Importing Function Definitions
Data field in the CSV file.


Object Properties in the One Identity Manager
Compulsory fields:
Function Function definition
Transaction Transaction
Object Authorization objects
Field Authorization field
Value From Value/lower scope boundary
Value To Upper scope boundary
State No equivalent

The import status controls which data records are imported into One Identity Manager.

1 ... import

Optional fields:
Process Category
Function Description Description of the function definition.
Risk Level Significance

Possible values are {Low|Medium|High|Critical}.

Field Description Describes the authorization fields, authorization objects and transactions.

NOTE: The order of the data fields is arbitrary. Ensure that all required data fields are defined in the header and exist in the data sets. Mark data fields without values with two sequential delimiters. Data sets with empty mandatory fields are not imported.

To import function definitions

  1. Select the category Identity Audit.
  2. Select the menu Plugins | Import SAP function definitions...-
  3. Select the CSV file to import. Click Open.
  4. Confirm the security prompt with Yes.

    The functions definitions are transferred to the database as working copies. If there is already a working copy with the same name in the database, it is overwritten by the import.

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